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Technical characteristics
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Blueberry saplings grade "Brigitta" of 0,5l 35 UAH. Brigitta blueberry (Latin Vaccinium corymbosum 'Brigitta').
Characteristics of a fruit: berries of 18-20 mm in the diameter, light-blue, strong, quality. Clusters are open long.
Maturing term: beginning of August.
Age of a sapling on containers:
1 year - the container of 0,5 l;
Beginning of fructification: for the 3rd year.
Productivity: 6 - 9 kg / bush.
Bush: upright bush 1,6 - 2 m high. Frost resistance to -31 °C.

Features of a grade: more than 60% of industrial plantations of blueberry and in the world are engaged in Western Europe with it.
Features of packing: already created sapling root in the container with soil that allows the highest survival of a plant.

Recommendations about landing: the first, most important condition for successful cultivation of this culture - the soil owes baht of sour: PH 3-4,5 well permeable for water and air. Friable soils, such as peat and sand or mix of sand and peat, are the best. It is connected with the fact that roots of blueberry need not only water, but also air. It is better to grow up blueberry on peat mix with sand, coniferous sawdust and needles.

The recommended landing period: saplings in the container can be planted all the year round, except for winter, but it is the best of all of course in the spring or in the fall.

Blueberry saplings grade "Patriot" of 0,5l 30 UAH.

Maturing. Maturing term - the middle of July. The beginning of fructification for the 3rd year.

Berry. Berries very large, weighing 3,5 - 4 g, one-dimensional. The pulp is greenish, dense, juicy.

Productivity. Productivity to 9 kg from a bush.

Bush. Bush of compact, 1,2 - 1,8 m. Frost resistance high (to-40 degrees). It is steady against diseases. The grade is suitable for manual and machine assembly of a harvest.

Grade "Patriot" (Patriot)

The strong growing, rare, upright bush height - 1,2-1,8 m. During the winter period maintains frosts to-29? S. Sort is steady against a fitoftoroz (decay of roots), cancer of a stalk or a godronioz. Maturing time - from the middle of July. Often surpasses many grades in productivity. Fruits are big, a little flat, light blue (19 mm in the diameter) with very small dry scar, very tasty. At not completely ripened berries characteristic red coloring.

Blueberry saplings grade "Blyukrop" of 0,5l 30 UAH.

The most valuable grade of blueberry tall - the standard of blueberry.

Grade bush "Blyukrop" (Bluecrop) reaches height of 1,6-1,9 meters. The bush of a free form, escapes are directed up.

Leaves are dark green, the average size of the oblong, pointed form.

Clusters are long. Berries large, 17-20 millimeters in the diameter, are slightly flattened, blue, with strong light-— a blue raid, elastic, very tasty, gathered in small free brushes.

"Blyukrop" (Bluecrop) - a mid-season grade of blueberry (maturing of berry: the end of July — August), maturing of berries non-simultaneous, fructification very plentiful, regular, productivity of 6 - 9 kg from a bush. Berries very tasty, as in the raw, and in processed. Fruits are suitable for house preparations and for a freezing. Berries do not crack, are well stored and transported.

The grade of Blyukrop blueberry (Bluecrop) differs in resistance to diseases, is not afraid of a drought and frosts. The bush can maintain frosts to -34 °C, and flowers to -7 °C

One of the most valuable grades of blueberry, is suitable both for amateur cultivation, and for commercial purposes around the world.

The blueberry grade Blyukrop needs strong cutting.

Blueberry saplings grade of "Thoreau" of 0,5l 35 UAH.

Bush height: - 1,8-2 meters. The bush has a beautiful decorative view.

Berry ripens at the end of July beginning of August. Productivity is high. The crop is reaped in 2 collecting.

Fruits are large, a flat form of beautiful color and sweet on taste.

Maturing of a grade of "Thoreau" begins along with a grade "Blyukrop" (Bluecrop), but comes to an end earlier.

Winter hardiness of a grade of "Thoreau" - high.

Berry for fresh realization or for industrial processing is used

Blueberry saplings grade "Atlantis" of 0,5l 35 UAH.

Atlantis blueberry is a large, dense berry, with a diameter of 18-20 mm, with light pulp and wine and sweet taste. Ripens at the end of July - the middle of August. Begins to fructify for the 3rd year. Productivity reaches 10 kg from a bush.
Bush of Atlantis blueberry sprawling, srednerosly - to 1,6 m. Berry is frost-resistant. Maintains temperature to -40 °C.
Note such features of a grade as good productivity and high frost resistance.
To buy Atlantis blueberry with already created sapling root in the container with soil that will allow to provide the highest survival of a plant, you will be able on the website, sale of plants of various grades is carried out here.

Specialists of the garden center of "Greensad" recommend to meet the following conditions for successful cultivation when landing Atlantis blueberry:
- To roots of blueberry it is necessary not only water, but also air therefore provide acidity of the soil of PH 3,5-4,5, the soil has to have a good permeability for air and water. Friable soils, such as peat and sand or mix of sand and peat will be most suitable.
- Grow up blueberry on peat mix with sand, needles and coniferous sawdust.
- Exclude the winter period for landing of blueberry. It is the best of all to plant saplings in the container in the spring or in the fall.

Blueberry saplings grade of "Bludzhy" 30 UAH. Blu Jay (Blue Jay) - a grade of blueberry of tall, American selection. The bush silnorosly reaches two meters, demands undercutting. Blossoms white flowers in May. Leaves are glossy, darkly green, become red in the fall. Berries average, large light blue color with a little tart, sweet taste aroma. Berries are picked in large brushes. Blyukrop ripens in July approximately along with a blueberry grade, and fructifies for several weeks. Advantage of a grade is resistance to frosts and diseases (especially to fruit decayed). As well as everything the grade of blueberry demands the sour soil with sufficient systematic watering. It is possible to put both in a shadow and on the open sun, but for the southern regions it is recommended to put in a shadow (under trees). Berries tasty fragrant, it is possible to consume as fresh and to preserve and cook jams and pies. For more plentiful fructification it is recommended to plant one more bush of blueberry for cross-pollination nearby. The grade monoecious contains both pistillate and man's flowers.
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Blueberry saplings
Blueberry saplings
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