Buy Block of cooling of CR 1000/CR 1250
Block of cooling of CR 1000/CR 1250

Block of cooling of CR 1000/CR 1250

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandТемп-С

Blocks of cooling of CR 1000/CR 1250

For "cold" welding process the cooling device with the built-in sensor of a channel of liquid - easy and convenient.

In the conditions of high forces of currents with long welding cycles welding torches with air cooling can reach the load limits. It can lead to failures in work and unnecessary idle time.

For continuous process of welding, mobile installations of cooling of CR 1000 and CR 1250 are ideal addition to system for welding with use of torches with liquid cooling. Blocks of compulsory cooling are characterized by high efficiency of cooling, in compact design and convenient execution.

By means of several steps, for continuous monitoring of operability of all cooling system, the line of management of a welding torch has to be connected via the socket with the sensor of a channel of liquid. Thus, work without cooling liquid is impossible. The welding torch, and also the block of cooling are optimum protected.

  • High efficiency, mobility and compact design
  • Quick-detachable connections for saving of time at connection
  • The built-in relay of control of a channel of liquid for protection of a torch and the block
  • Readily available tank with the indicator of level of cooling liquid for convenient filling and discharge of cooling liquid
  • Protection of a pomp and the engine against an overheat for long service life
  • The low weight and strong handles for convenient carrying, transportation to the place of work
  • Moisture-proof safety lock, switch
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Block of cooling of CR 1000/CR 1250
Block of cooling of CR 1000/CR 1250
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