Buy Biomutin of 20% - tiamulin injection 100 ml
Biomutin of 20% - tiamulin injection 100 ml

Biomutin of 20% - tiamulin injection 100 ml

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on Biomutin's application 20% of injection solution

for treatment of pigs at bacterial and mikoplazmenny infections (the organization - the AO "Drvalevsky Enterprises of the Bioveterinarony Industry" developer, Poland)

  1. General information

1. Trade name of medicine: Biomutin of 20% injection solution (Biomutin of 20% injection solution).

International unlicensed name: tiamulina hydrogene fumarat.

  1. Dosage form: solution for injections.

Biomutin injection solution as active ingredient contains 20% in 1 ml:

tiamulina gidrogenfumarat 200 mg,


propylene glycol – 400 µл/мл,

petrol alcohol – 20 µл/мл,

ethyl alcohol - 40µл/мл

water for injections to 1 ml.

Biomutin of 20% injection solution does not contain the genetic engineering modified products.

On appearance represents transparent, colourless or light yellow solution.

  1. Biomutin 20% let out injection solution packaged on 100 ml in the glass bottles of the corresponding capacity which are hermetically corked by the rubber traffic jams strengthened by aluminum caps. Each unit of consumer packing is supplied with the instruction for application.

  2. Store medicine in the closed packing of the producer, in the dry, protected from direct sunshine place separately from food and forages at a temperature from 15 °C to 25 °C.

Medicine expiration date at observance of storage conditions in the closed packing - 3 years from the date of production. It is forbidden to apply a preparation after an expiration date.

5. Biomutin 20% injection solution should be stored in the places inaccessible for children.

6. Unused medicine is utilized according to requirements of the legislation.


  1. Pharmacological properties

7. Tiamulina gidrogenfumarat - active ingredient of Biomutin of 20% of injection solution - is a semi-synthetic antibiotic of group of plevromutilin and has bakteriostatichesky effect, suppressing synthesis

proteins of microorganisms at the ribosomalny level.

Tiamulin is active concerning mycoplasmas (including M. hyopneumoniae, M. of hyosynoviae, M. of hyorhims, M. of gallisepticum, M. of synoviae and M. of Meleagridis), brakhispir (V. of hyodysenteriae, V. of pilosicoli), grampolozhitelny aerobic microorganisms (including Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., Corynebacterium pyogenes) and anaerobic microorganisms (including Clostridium perfringens), and also gramotritsatelny anaerobic microorganisms (including Lawsonia mtracellularis, Bacteroides spp., Fusobacterium spp.) and aerobic microorganisms (including Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Pasteurella multocida); does not affect bacteria of Enterobacteriaceae family, including Salmonella spp. and E.coli.

After intramuscular introduction tiamulin it is well soaked up from the place of an injection and gets into the majority of bodies and body tissues. Concentration of an antibiotic in lungs several times exceeds its level in serum of blood and is maintained at the therapeutic level within 24 hours. Tiamulin is exposed to a metabolism in a liver, the majority of its metabolites do not possess microbiological activity and are output from an organism mainly with bile and in much smaller degree - with urine.

On extent of impact on an organism Biomutin of 20% injection solution treats low-dangerous substances (the 4th class of danger in accordance with GOST 12.1.007-76).

  1. Application order

8. Biomutin 20% appoint injection solution to pigs for treatment of dysentery, enzootichesky pneumonia and arthritises of a mikoplazmenny etiology.

9. At dysentery and mikoplazmenny arthritises Biomutin 20% enter injection solution intramuscularly 1 time a day within 3 days in a dose of 1 ml on 20 kg of mass of an animal that corresponds to 10 mg/kg of mass of an animal on active ingredient.

At treatment of enzootichesky pneumonia medicine is entered intramuscularly 1 time a day within 3 days in a dose of 1,5 ml on 20 kg of mass of an animal that corresponds to 15 mg/kg of mass of an animal on active ingredient.

10. By-effects at Biomutin's application 20% of injection solution in the recommended doses are not observed.

The course of treatment should not exceed 3 days. More prolonged use of medicine can lead to development of strong inflammatory reaction in the place of introduction.

11. Use of medicine together with monenziny, salinomitsiny, naraziny and other ionoforny koktsidiostatika, antibiotics of an aminoglikozidny row, and also for 7 days to and 7 days after use of the specified medicines, in view of possible emergence at animal by-effects and complications (diarrhea, anorexia, paresis, nefrotoksichesky effects), and also an animal with diseases of a liver and kidneys is not allowed, at the increased individual sensitivity to a tiamulin.

12. Biomutin 20% injection solution cannot be used during pregnancy and a lactation.

  1. Symptoms of overdose are not revealed.

  2. Features of effect of medicine at its first application and cancellation are noted.

  3. At application of a preparation in compliance by the present instruction of by-effects and complications, as a rule, it is not observed.

16. Production of an animal origin after use of medicine is used not earlier than in 21 days after the last application of Biomutin of 20% of injection solution. In case of the compelled slaughter of earlier established period, meat is used for feeding of fur animals.

  1. Measures of personal prevention

17. During the work with Biomutin of 20% as injection solution it is necessary to follow the general rules of personal hygiene and safety measures provided during the work with medicines. At completion of work of a hand it is necessary to wash up warm water with soap.

18. People with hypersensitivity to components of a preparation should avoid direct contact with Biomutin of 20% injection solution. At casual contact of medicine with skin or mucous membranes of an eye, they need to be washed out immediately a large amount of water. In case of manifestation of allergic reactions and/or at casual hit of a preparation in a human body it is necessary to address to medical institution (at itself to have the instruction for application or a label) immediately.

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Biomutin of 20% - tiamulin injection 100 ml
Biomutin of 20% - tiamulin injection 100 ml
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