Buy Biohumus of Vermikompost (vermicompost)
Biohumus of Vermikompost (vermicompost)

Biohumus of Vermikompost (vermicompost)

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Packing: polypropylene bag of 25 kg. Minimum lot of 200 kg,
Vermikompost (a bio humus) – waste product of earthworms. This completely ready organic fertilizer is recommended to be applied in agricultural production, gardening, floriculture, forestry, to cultivation of lawns, ornamental plants, seedling of vegetable and flower cultures, on personal plots as organic fertilizer, nutrient of the soil, the soil conditioner and as a component for preparation of soil mixes, and also for restoration of the polluted soils.
Contains a full set of nutrients (macro-and minerals), useful microflora, necessary for the full-fledged growth and development of plants. It is not toxic, does not contain harmful impurity, allows (under other conditions) to receive environmentally friendly agricultural production.

At preparation of soil mixes it is recommended:
• for seedling of vegetables and flowers:
To mix 1 part of a vermikompost with 3-5 parts of the cespitose earth or peat;
• for flowers in pots:
To mix 1 part of a vermikompost with 4-5 parts of the soil.
At crops in ridges of green cultures (parsley, salad, fennel, spinach, etc.) it is necessary to scatter evenly on previously humidified soil Vermikompost on a bed surface, to mix with the soil, to water, and then to carry out crops of seeds.
On 1 sq.m of a ridge to bring 0,5 - 1,0 kg of a vermikompost.
When landing potatoes under each tuber it is desirable to bring 100 - 200 of a vermikompost.
When landing a wild strawberry it is recommended to bring in each hole for 150 - 200 a vermikompost.
When landing winter garlic to bring 0,5 kg of a vermikompost on 1 sq.m of a bed, to mix the soil on depth of 10 cm.
When landing bushes (a gooseberry, currant, etc.) in a landing hole it is necessary vnesti1,5 for kg of a vermikompost, to mix carefully with the soil, to water and plant bushes.
When landing fruit-trees under each sapling (apple-trees, pears, cherries, plums, etc.) it is necessary to bring 2 kg of a vermikompost in a landing hole and to mix it with the soil.
For top dressing of plants during vegetation it is recommended to pour Vermikompost around stalks of plants or in a row-spacing at the rate of 0,5 kg of fertilizer on 1 sq.m once a month, to mix with the soil and to water.
At top dressing of flowers and ornamental plants of the open ground Vermikompost it is necessary to bring monthly at the rate of 150 - 200 under each plant or 0,5 kg on 1 sq.m of a bed, a lawn.
At top dressing of window plants vermikompost bring under a plant of 1 times in 2 mesyatsa2-3 tablespoons.

STRUCTURE: vermikompost (biohumus) of 100%

CONTENT of NUTRIENTS (mg / 100г, not less):
• nitrogen: 800
• potassium: 800
• phosphorus: 900
• pH: 6,5 - 8,0

To store in the dry room, separately from products.
Warranty period of storage of fertilizer: 3 years.
The agrotechnical expiration date is UNLIMITED.
Danger class: IV (maloopasen).

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Biohumus of Vermikompost (vermicompost)
Biohumus of Vermikompost (vermicompost)
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