Buy BF-2, BF-4 glue, GOST 12172-74
BF-2, BF-4 glue, GOST 12172-74

BF-2, BF-4 glue, GOST 12172-74

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Technical characteristics
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  • Country of manufactureUkraine

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Transparent or slightly muddy liquids from light yellow to reddish.


Glue of BF - 2, BF - 4 is intended for pasting of non - ferrous metals, stainless steel, nonmetals with metals in all production areas.

Glues of BF - 2, BF - 4 stick together plastic and complex plastics, chemically processed ftoroplast, polyfoam, celluloid, mica, wood, plywood, a cardboard, paper, ebonite, a stopper, cotton threads, metals (steel, aluminum and copper alloys) in various combinations.

Also BF - 2 glue is used — for impregnation and varnishing, BF - 4 glue – for production of a getinaks.

Glue of BF - 2 is steady in acidic environments even when heating to 60 - 80 °C, is applied to pasting of the materials working in the conditions of the increased temperature and also in the acid environment. Glue BF - 4 having big elasticity, it is used for pasting of the materials which are affected by vibration loadings, and also products working in the alkaline environment at low temperatures.


Technical characteristics:

Name of an indicator: Norm
BF - 2 BF - 4
Appearance Transparent or slightly muddy liquid from light yellow to reddish
Conditional viscosity:

- on VZ - 1 (a nozzle of 5,4 mm) at 200C, with

- on VZ - 246 (a nozzle of 6 mm) at 200C, with

30 - 60

25 - 55

30 - 60

25 - 55

Mass fraction of the dry rest, % 14 - 17 10 - 13
Strength of glue connection at shift, MPa (kgf/cm2) at 200C, not less





Bend of a glue film after hardening, mm, no more



Feature of glues of the BF series is that they are not subject to rotting and corrosion influences, are resistant to action of the atmosphere, water of oil and gasoline, allow to reduce time of pasting and to reduce a glue consumption. Glues are flammable BF.

TECHNOLOGY of PASTING: To process the stuck together surfaces an emery cloth, to degrease.

To apply glue with a brush (in 1. 2 layers). To connect surfaces.
Temperature of drying is possible to 140 - 150 °C. Drying time (at 140 °C) - 60 minutes

Fasovka: plastikovy container: 1, 2 5, 10 kg, 45 kg, any packing.

Conditions and period of storage:
To store in a tight container at tne it is higher than + 25C. A warranty period of storage from the moment of production:
- BF - 2 - 10 months.
- BF - 4 - 8 months.
The price wholesale is specified when packing in 50 kg (other prices - specify)

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BF-2, BF-4 glue, GOST 12172-74
BF-2, BF-4 glue, GOST 12172-74
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