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Bay leaf premium, hand selected

Bay leaf premium, hand selected

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Products: Premium bay leaf (manual selection) buy price in Russia in bulk for export from the manufacturer

Botanical plant and name - (lat. Láurus nóbilis), a species of the genus Laurus (Laurus) of the Laurel family, the birthplace of growth is the subtropics, Asia Minor, the Mediterranean.

It is an evergreen tree or shrub. The height of some species reaches 10 - 15 m. The leaves are leathery, tough, have a dark green color, lighter on the underside.

The plant blooms with small yellowish - white flowers, collected in bunches and located in the axils of the leaves. In November, the fruits ripen - black and blue ovoid drupes. Leaves are used as a spice from the fourth year of life, when the tree (bush) begins to bear fruit.

Countries of industrial production:

Georgia, Abkhazia, Turkey

Harvesting and production

The collection takes place from the end of November to May.

From May to November - the growing season, the plant starts growing and starts up new leaves and branches, during this period it cannot be collected and dried, since the leaf darkens, and upon subsequent drying it will not be fragrant "like paper".

The tree is intensively pruned with a whole branch, leaving at least 10 cm of the shoot above the ground with dormant buds for the further growth of the plant. It is not allowed to get into the collection of frost - bitten leaves and branches. Such products have low levels of essential oils.

On average, up to 4 tons of bay leaves are obtained from 1 hectare.

Drying of the leaf is carried out in a natural way (sun drying, farm leaf) or with the help of special equipment (machine drying). The first option is most often practiced because of its optimality both in terms of the quality of the final product and the cost of the process.

Cut branches are placed under awnings or in specially organized rooms. The leaf should not be exposed to direct sunlight, but there should be very good ventilation to prevent the leaf from rotting. The natural drying process takes about 20 days. After drying, the leaf is separated from the branches and at the same time the products are sorted. The leaf should not have any damage, traces of pests and the presence of diseases. Humidity should be up to 10% . Scrap in a batch may not exceed 8% .

Machine drying goes through the same production stages, only drying is carried out in special drying chambers and takes from several hours to 1 - 2 days.

Country of origin: Russia

Packing: box 10 kg

Characteristics: Scope - used for mixtures of spices in crushed and ground form, as a flavoring additive in the production of fish, meat, vegetable dishes, in conservation, in the production of sauces (in ground form), as a decoration.

Storage: Store in dry, clean rooms, at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° С and relative humidity not exceeding 75% .

The shelf life from the date of production is 24 months.

Delivery terms: EXW (other delivery options are also possible)

Payment terms: 100% prepayment

We produce:

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  • Nutritional supplements.
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Bay leaf premium, hand selected
Bay leaf premium, hand selected
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