Buy Barium nitrate, barium salts
Barium nitrate, barium salts

Barium nitrate, barium salts

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 � Barium nitrate (nitrate barium, baric saltpeter) — baric solyazotny acid. A chemical formula — Ba(NO3)2. It is applied

  • For receiving oxide and peroxide of barium.
  • Component of enamels and glazes.
  • In pyrotechnics non-hygroscopic nitrate of barium is widely used for coloring of a flame in green color (the majority of compounds of other metals capable of it, are a little suitable because of hygroscopicity).
  • Barium nitrate
    The general
    Systematic name Barium nitrate
    Chemical formula Ba(NO3)2
    Physical properties
    State solid body
    Molar weight 261.337 g/mol
    Density 3,24 g / см�
    Thermal properties
    T. plav. 595 �C
    Pier. teployomk. 151,6 J / (моль�К)
    Education enthalpy −978,6 kJ/mol
    Chemical properties
    Rastvorimostv to water 4.95 / 100 ml (at 0 �C)

    10.5 / 100 ml (at 25 �C) 34.4 (at 100 �C)

    Solubility in alcohol: it is insoluble
    Reg. number CAS 10022-31-8
    RTECS CQ9625000
    LD50 (orally, rats) 355 mg/kg
    Toxicity srednetoksichen
    Data for standard conditions (25 �C, 100 kPa) are provided if it is not specified differently.
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Barium nitrate, barium salts
Barium nitrate, barium salts
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