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Ukraine, Nikolaev
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandБайкал ЭМ-1Р
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • CompositionOrganic-mineral

The preparation "Baikal - EM - 1P" is used for many purposes:

  • autumn and spring processing of the soil;
  • processings of seeds of crops;
  • watering (or sprayings) seedlings in the closed soil and plants in field conditions;
  • preparations of EM — composts;
  • preparations of the preparation EM - 5, EM - plant extract and an urgasa.

Preparation of working solutions is carried out in different concentration – from 1: 100 to 1: 1000. Cultivation of an EM - preparation needs to be carried out in the warm not chlorinated water, (the minimum temperature 160C optimum – 330C) it is desirable with addition of a nutrient medium in the same volume, as a preparation. As a nutrient medium will approach: molasses, confectionery syrup, jam or sugar syrup. If the water chlorinated it needs to be defended within 2 days. After hashing solution needs to allow to settle from 20 minutes to 1 days. Working solution in concentration 1: 500 (on 10 liters of water 20 ml of a preparation are used) is applied to watering of plants in an open ground and processings of seeds and tubers of potatoes. For seedling and flowers as more gentle plants solution in concentration 1: 1000 is applied. Frequency of watering by EM - 1R solution depends on a condition of the soil. If it is not enough organic chemistry in the soil, it is better to water in 2 - 3 days. In other cases – once a week or even more rare; if EM - compost is applied, it is possible to be limited to watering "capacious" 1 - 2 once a month.

Processing of seeds of crops. Seeds process before crops. Concentration of solution 1: 500, a ratio of volume of solution to quantity of seeds 1: 1 (on 1 kg of seeds – 1 l of solution). Seeds presoak in solution within 1 - 2 hours, then merge solution, seeds dry or sow in a damp state. Long it is not recommended to store the processed seeds. As for seeds of grain crops, they are processed an irrigation (dispersion) from a spray working solution of an EM - preparation, at the same time increase in humidity should not exceed 1% .

Processing of tubers of potatoes is carried out in day of their landing. Concentration of solution 1: 500. On 1 t of landing material use 70 - 100 l of working solution of an EM - preparation. Tubers can be presoaked for 10 - 15 minutes or to spray the landing material which is spread out by a layer 1 - 2 tubers. In the first option solution is used for several soakings (with addition of fresh solution). Quality of processing at the same time is much higher, than when spraying. Tubers slightly dry and land.

The best results of application of EM - technologies in plant growing are yielded by a combination of use of "Baikal - EM - 1P" and EM - compost. The fossils fermented by means of effective microorganisms (straw, a tops of vegetable, a peel millet and sunflower, a bird's dung, bone meal, weeds, manure, sawdust, a forest laying, peat, waste of flour - grinding and krupyany production, food waste, waste of the paper industry, etc. ) are a guarantee of increase in productivity.

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