Buy Baikal EM of 1 - 5 liters
Baikal EM of 1 - 5 liters

Baikal EM of 1 - 5 liters

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Ukraine, Nikolaev
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandБайкал ЭМ-1Р
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

The microbiological EM - 1R Baikal fertilizer from the producer.

Autumn processing of the soil with application of EM - technology is much more effective than spring processing. It allows Effective Microorganisms:

  • within nearly 2 months, before frost penetration in the soil to work at depth, being engaged in restoration of a humus, loosening of the soil, accumulation of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and minerals;
  • to revitalize the soil, suppressing development of phytopathogens;
  • it is considerable to reduce quantity of weeds on a site (physiologically active agents emitted by useful bacteria, and also temperature increase of the soil by 2 - 5 degrees promote germination of weeds, and further - their death owing to frosts);
  • for 1 - 2 weeks to awaken the soil after hibernation earlier (maintaining temperature 2 - 5 degrees higher, EM allow plants to transfer better frosts on soils).

And still, tempered by low winter temperature, adapted for the concrete environment, EM show big activity, than the microorganisms brought in the soil in the spring for which, as well as plants, the adaptation period by Wednesday in which they live is necessary.

Effect of application of a preparation Baikal EM1:

  • Accelerates growth of plants and maturing of fruits;
  • Will transform organic waste to effective fertilizer in the form of compost;
  • Restores natural fertility of the soil;
  • Sharply reduces the maintenance of toxic elements;
  • It is enough one liter of an EM - preparation for receiving one ton of the EM - compost replacing five tons of organic fertilizers;
  • Improves tastes of the grown - up production, increases its improving properties;
  • Increases periods of storage of fruits in naturally look.
  • Provides natural water - and air permeability of a fertile layer of earth up to the depth of 60 - 80 cm.
  • Several times accelerates processes of a gumusoobrazovaniye (in three years of application of an EM - preparation thickness of a gumusosoderzhashchy layer increases by 2 - 3 times, and the organic chemistry will be transformed to EM - compost in 2 - 3 weeks! ).
  • Increases soil temperature on 2 - 5 °C that accelerates a korneobrazovaniye, viability, blossoming and fructification (an exit of production occurs for 10 - 15 days earlier).
  • Promotes productivity increase (vegetable cultures by 2 - 5 times, grain and fodder - for 10 — 50% . At flower cultures the quantity of tsvetonos and the extent of colors considerably increases).
  • Improves flavoring and quality indicators of fruits (content of vitamins, carotene, starch, protein etc. is higher)
  • Promotes decrease in content of nitrates in vegetables and fruit by 4 - 5 times.
  • Considerably increases resistance of plants to diseases and wreckers, and also to adverse natural factors, in particular, by a drought and frosts (incidence of fungal and bacterial diseases decreases by 50 - 60% ).
  • Gives the chance to grow up the same culture on one place several seasons in a row without soil change (especially it actually for greenhouse facilities).
  • Promotes neutralization of salts of heavy metals to a state, safe for the person.
  • Helps to grow up healthy, environmentally friendly agricultural production and flowers with longer periods of storage (the cut - off roses within a week keep a fresh look, and potatoes can be stored for years! ).
  • Gives the chance to receive competitive production with higher consumer qualities and the price (the cost of production made with application of EM - technology abroad several times exceeds the cost of production made in the standard agrochemical way).
  • Eliminates unpleasant smells at decomposition of organic chemistry in cesspools, and also, in rooms for cattle and settlers.
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Baikal EM of 1 - 5 liters
Baikal EM of 1 - 5 liters
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