Order Automation of betonosmesitelny installations (BSU, RBU, concrete plants)
Automation of betonosmesitelny installations (BSU, RBU, concrete plants)

Automation of betonosmesitelny installations (BSU, RBU, concrete plants)

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In total under control of automatic equipment

The automated control system of MixMaster is the uniform program of production control, visualization of operation of mechanisms and system of accounting of materials.

This ACS is established on all let - out concrete plants, but also modernization or completion of already available relay ACS is possible.

What advantages of new Control system?

Just without mistakes

The system takes each stage of work of concrete plant under the control, reducing to zero "human factor", at the same time simple and intuitively clear interface is provided to the operator.

Benefit and opportunities for expansion

Refusal of microcontroller control system of concrete plant and transition to more progressive computerized management allow not only to refuse services of the programmer for work with the microcontroller, but also significantly increases possibilities of management of processes and increases flexibility of setup of system.

One of the main features of new Control system of MixMaster is its unlimited scalability. So, at connection of new element of concrete plant (the bunker, the mixer, the conveyor) corresponding change then the new element begins to be displayed on the screen is entered into the system and at once it can be used in work.

Control of operation of mechanisms

The operator of concrete plant obtains up - to - date information about current status of concrete plant. On the display the scheme of operation of mechanisms is displayed, and also the image from the surveillance cameras mounted for visual study behind operation of mechanisms is output.

The system of collecting statistics displays data on productivity of concrete plant, and the interactive interface will allow to make setup of operation of separate mechanisms quickly.

The control system, among other things, keeps account of time of operating time of the equipment and warns about need of maintenance and replacement of high - wear parts. In log it is noted who and when has made maintenance

In case of emergency or mistakes in work the corresponding message will be displayed the display.

Positive control of production

Thanks to the computerized management there is opportunity to create unlimited number of recipes of mixes with possibility of the subsequent their change.

For simplification of sorting of recipes and their search recipes can be divided into subgroups.

During work there can be need to execute several orders in a row. The possibility of forming of turn of orders and operational management of their performance is for this purpose provided.

Simple registration of the reporting

For convenience of the user and simplification of process of drawing up reporting documentation the Control system allows to conduct base of clients (firm, location or several addresses, the car, the driver), data from which can be used by drawing up forms of account.

The control system of MixMaster is expected integration with "1C the Enterprise" the customer.

On demand completion of forms of the reporting is possible to meet standards of office - work of the customer.

Warehouse accounting

The control system independently keeps account of expense and arrival of materials, timely notifying on the low rest of materials in warehouses.

Also the report of production of finished goods is kept.

Differentiation of access rights

Irrespective of the number of employees at the enterprise there is opportunity to divide functions of management of concrete plant (operator), additions and editing recipes (technologist), and also control of actions of subordinates (administrator) thanks to password access to the Control system. Thus, there is always opportunity to allow performance of one or several functions to separately taken employee or group of employees.

Mode of training of personnel

The control system of MixMaster can be switched to the emulation mode in which it is possible to provide training of personnel, without allowing inexperienced users to direct work at concrete plant.

In emergency

Work of concrete plant happens in the automatic mode, however in case of unexpected situation it is possible to switch to manual control. It will allow to finish, for example, implementation of the order, even despite non - staff situation.

Remote access

For bigger convenience there is possibility of production management from the room remote from the operator's cabin.

In the presence of the Internet (including mobile) on site installations of concrete plant managers and department of supply of the enterprise will be able to obtain statistical data on implementation of orders and the rest of materials in warehouses.

Management from mobile devices

Also there is opportunity to manage and watch work of production from any device under control of Android.

Technical support

In case of need our specialists can be connected far off to concrete plant for setup or assistance in troubleshooting.

Clear conditions of purchase of the Control system of MixMaster

The license for use of the Control system is paid one - time for the unlimited term then you will be able to receive updates free of charge
Compare advantages of ACS of MixMaster to ACS on the basis of the microcontroller



Microcontroller analog

1. Number of recipes

It is not limited

it is limited to MK memory size

2. Licensing

One - time payment for unlimited term for one computer.

3. Access rights

Differentiation of access rights on viewing and editing data of system for different groups of users. Thus the operator and the owner can see different data. Addition of roles happens dynamically, the customer's specialists.

Are rigidly set, demand reconfiguration of the equipment.

4. Remote access

Possibility of remote access to the database in corporate network for providing up - to - date information on production. Unloading of reports on production in "1C" and other registration systems.

5. Remote management

Possibility of providing remote access to control system for implementation of management of installation from the rooms remote from the operator's cabin.

6. Database

Possibility of use of wide range of modern DBMS (database management systems), including free (MSSQL, Firebird, Oracle, MySQL and dr) with possibility of unloading of data in already existing corporate DB of the customer.

Reconfiguration of the equipment, call of specialists of the supplier is required

7. Reporting

Providing reporting data on the made products and the consumption of materials for any period on filters

(name of the recipe, customer, operator, state. number ABS).

8. Flexibility and scalability

Presence of the built - in editor for completion of functionality of management of BSU gives the chance without big time and financial expenditure to expand and add BSU ACS.

Own specialist can perform work.

Reconfiguration of the equipment, call of specialists of the supplier is required

9. Universality of PO

All BSU models are controlled identical PO. It is enough to be trained the operator and the administrator once. Further it is possible to train the employees independently.

10. Remote service

In the presence at the customer of Internet access

(including mobile) the opportunity of remote service of system by our specialists - diagnostics and debugging, software updating and additional setup of ACS is given

The specialized equipment for work with MK is required

11. Work with materials

Opportunity in real time to change binding of materials to bunkers, thereby managing process of loading depending on requirements. At the same time process of reconfiguration takes no more than an hour and does not demand call of the specialist on object.

Reconfiguration of the equipment, call of specialists of the supplier is required

12. Modularity

The MixMaster ACS hardware consists of the BSU separate logical control units.

At failure of one of blocks it is enough to replace only of it, but not all system entirely

(as in case of the systems constructed on the basis of the uniform controller).

Failure of MK means utter impossibility of work of BSU.

Replacement of MK - expensive procedure.

13. Component parts

In ACS of "MixMaster" widely available, standardized component parts of the famous producers are used. Application of the analogs more available in this or that region is possible.

At this PO does not demand change depending on the supplier of component parts.

The insertion is rigidly attached to the MK type.

At the choice of MK of other Producer, the new insertion will be required. Writing of insertion of MK is long and expensive procedure.

14. Flexibility

Possibility of creation of unique appearance of control system and creation of additional reports taking into account needs of the customer.

Limited opportunities for setup of appearance and reporting.

15. High - quality service

Thanks to flexibility of setup and remote access quality and speed of service considerably increase. The equipment always works.

Service works can cause long stop of work of the equipment.

Appearance of the Report on Production screen is presented on figure 1.

The following filters are available to the user to comfortable display of the necessary information:

  1. According to the recipe. It is possible to output data on production of specific brand of mix.

  2. On the customer. Having chosen from the list of the necessary customer, it is possible to see when and that to it has been shipped.

  3. On the user (operator). I. e. , having chosen the user of system (operator), it is possible to learn, how many, what, to whom and when it has shipped.

  4. By date. Having chosen the period, it is possible to check information on production for certain period.

The production report is presented in the form of tree of the revealing lists. The main identifier (node) is date. On pressing "plus" the list of the orders executed this day will reveal. In the description of the order it is possible to see its number, the name of the recipe, date and time of the beginning and completion of its performance. The order consists of laid on shipments. In the description of the consignment note number of the consignment note, number of the car, the customer, date and time of the beginning and end of shipment of mix is specified. Having opened node from the consignment note, it is possible to see detailed information on each batch.

At the very end of the production report there is final node. Having pressed it, it is possible to check information on consumption of all materials for the chosen time period.

Figure 1. – Report on production

Printing form according to the consumption of materials can look as follows or is issued under the preliminary agreement with the Customer.

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Automation of betonosmesitelny installations (BSU, RBU, concrete plants)
Automation of betonosmesitelny installations (BSU, RBU, concrete plants)
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