Order Autocold, repair of autoconditioners
Autocold, repair of autoconditioners

Autocold, repair of autoconditioners

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Autocold, repair of autoconditioners

Among the services offered by us - all types of works on service, diagnostics, repair and prevention of any types of refrigerating appliances:

  • autoconditioners;

  • refrigerators;

  • household conditioners and Split systems;

  • refrigerators;

  • refrigerating show-windows and installations.

Repair of autoconditioners

Automobile conditioners, and also the refrigerating appliances installed on cars for transportation of foodstuff are the same refrigerators having the same principle of work as their stationary "colleagues".

However the design and features of operation of automobile conditioners and refrigerators cause need of closer attention to autoconditioners. Owing to dust content of air the contamination of the filtering elements happens on roads very quickly therefore it is necessary to watch purity of filters of the cooling system of air carefully. Besides, regular check of tightness of branch pipes and their joints as the vibrations arising at the movement of cars on uneven roads lead to shaking of connecting elements of cooling systems is required.

The Avtokholod company performs all complex of works on diagnostics, servicing and repair of automobile refrigerating appliances and conditioners:

  • repair of autoconditioners;

  • repair of refrigerators;

  • filling of central airs with freon;

  • pumping out of central air for removal of air and moisture;

  • diagnostics and repair of electronic control systems;

  • elimination of leakage of connections, soldering of copper and aluminum tubes, heat exchangers, evaporators and condenser blocks.

You should not forget that the most effective way to avoid costs of repair of conditioners is regular service of cooling systems of air. So, automobile conditioners it is necessary to start at least two times a month in order to avoid an exit it out of operation, especially in winter time. At least once a year it is necessary to carry out diagnostics of autoconditioners by means of the special equipment. Implementation of these simple service regulations will allow to prolong significantly service life of conditioners without repair.

Repair of conditioners and refrigerators

Besides automobile central airs, the Avtokholod company also carries out any kinds of works on service, prevention and repair of stationary refrigeration units and the equipment for air conditioning.

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Autocold, repair of autoconditioners
Autocold, repair of autoconditioners
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