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ATMF / NTF acid buy in Odessa
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Aminotrimethylene (ATMF) CAS No. phosphonew acid: 6419-19-8 Synonyms: Nitrilotrimetilfosfonovy acid, NTF Molecular formula: N(CH2P03H2)3

Aminotrimethylene phosphonew acid (ATMF)

Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid (ATMP)

CAS No.: 6419-19-8

Synonyms: Nitrilotrimetilfosfonovy acid, Aminotrimetilfosfonovaya acid, Aminotri-(metanfosfonovy acid), Nitrilotri-(metilenfosfonovy acid), Nitrilotrimetanfosfonovaya acid, ATMF, NTF

Molecular formula: N(CH2P03H2)3

Molecular weight: 299.0


ATMF possesses fine complexing properties, low threshold ingibition and ability of distortion of crystal lattice. Can interfere with scaling in water handling, in particular calcium carbonate. ATMF possesses good chemical durability, and is badly hydrolyzed in water handling. At high concentration differs in good ability of inhibition of corrosion.

ATMF is used in industrial systems of water recirculation and in pipelines on thermal power plants and at oil refineries. ATMF can reduce scaling and interfere with formation of corrosion of the metal equipment and the pipeline. ATMF can be used as chelating (chelate) the agent in the textile and paint-and-varnish industry, and also as means for processing of metallic surfaces.

In solid state of ATMF represents crystal powder, water soluble, inclined to moisture absorption which is suitable for use in the conditions of low temperature. Thanks to high degree of purity, it can be used in the textile and paint-and-varnish industry, and also as means for processing of metallic surfaces.


Indicator Numerical indicator
Appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid White crystal powder
Active agent of % 48.0-52.0 95 or 98 min
Chloride (as CI-) % 1.0 max 1.0 min
PH value (1% solution) 2.0 max 2.0 max
Fe (as Fe3+) (ppm) 20 max 20
Density (20 °C) of g/cm3 1.33 min -
APHA (Hazen) color 40 max -


ATMF is usually applied together with organofosforny acid, polybasic carboxylic acid and salt to education of organic alkaline agents for water processing. ATMF can be used in different reverse systems of water recirculation. The recommended dosage - 1-20 mg/l. As inhibitor of corrosion the dosage of 20-60 mg/l is preferable.

Packaging and storage:

ATMF in the liquid state: usually in 250 kg (net) plastic barrels, IBC tanks can be also used in case of need.

ATMF in firm look: 25 kg plastic bags (RE), woven bags or according to the order of the client.

Measures for safety:

Acid to avoid hit in eyes and on skin, in case of hit - wash out water.

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