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The self - adhesive assembly film of ADVERtrans95MA (trasportny film) is intended for transfer of the cut - out images from a substrate on a working surface and is necessary in most cases transfer of applications from PVC films.


Film thickness - 105 microns

Width - 500 mm

Roll length - 50 m

The area of a roll - 25 sq. m.

Color of a film - transparent.

Recommendations of drawing an assembly film:

" Avoid bubbles between an assembly film and a vinyl film. If they appear here, then can appear between vinyl and a basis on the same places, despite all efforts.
" Avoid extension of an assembly film, otherwise it will return to former situation, having wrinkled a vinyl film.
" Cold weather and a damp method of gluing demand bigger time for a skhvatyvaniye of a vinyl film with a basis. Therefore in these cases you do not hurry with removal of an assembly film that there were no bubbles.
" Do not forget to walk again rakely on vinyl after removal of an assembly film.
" At an assembly film glutinosity from long storage and the increased storage temperature increases. In such cases, the film hardly separates from vinyl. It is recommended to hranenit a film at a constant temperature and humidity.

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Assembly film
Assembly film
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