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Argon gaseous and liquid

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Argon gaseous and liquid


Chemical formula Ar2

GOST 10157-79 with amendment 1, 2, 3

"Argon gaseous and liquid" the Terrestrial atmosphere contains 66 1013 tons argon and. Receive argon as a by-product at division of air into oxygen and nitrogen.

The volatility of argon is more, than oxygen, but it is less, than nitrogen. Therefore the argonny fraction is selected in the point which is approximately on a third of height of the top column and taken away in a special column. Structure of argonny fraction: 10-12% of argon, to 0,5% of nitrogen, the rest - oxygen. In the "argonny" column attached to the main device receive argon with impurity of 3-10% of oxygen and 3-5% of nitrogen. Further purification of "crude" argon of oxygen (a chemical way or adsorption) and of nitrogen (rectification) follows.

As the most available and rather cheap inert gas argon became a product of mass production, especially in the last decades. The greatest part of the received argon goes to metallurgy, metal working and some industries, adjacent to them.

In the environment of argon conduct processes at which it is necessary to exclude contact of the melted metal with oxygen, nitrogen, carbonic acid and moisture of air. The Argonny environment is used at hot processing of the titan, tantalum, niobium, beryllium, zirconium, hafnium, tungsten, uranium, thorium, and also alkaline metals. In the atmosphere of argon process plutonium, receive some compounds of chrome, the titan, vanadium and other elements (strong reducers).

Delete with an argon purge through liquid steel gas inclusions from it. It improves properties of metal. Arc electric welding in the environment of argon is more and more widely applied. In an argonny stream it is possible to weld thin-walled products and metals which were considered before as hardly welded.

The electric arch in the argonny atmosphere brought revolution in technology of cutting of metals. Process much more there was an opportunity to cut thick sheets of the most refractory metals. The argon blown along an arch column (in mix with hydrogen) protects edges of a section and a tungsten electrode from formation of oxide, nitride and other films. At the same time it squeezes and concentrates an arch on a small surface why temperature in a zone of cutting reaches 4000-6000 °C. Besides, this gas stream blows cutting products. When welding in an argonny stream there is no need for gumboils and electrode coverings, and so, and in cleaning of a seam from slag and the remains of gumboil.

Aspiration to use properties and possibilities of superpure materials - one of tendencies of modern equipment. For superpurity inert protective environments, certainly, too pure are necessary; argon - the cheapest and available of noble gases.

Gaseous and liquid argon is received from air and residual gases of ammoniac productions.

Appointment: Gaseous and liquid argon is used as the protective environment when welding, cutting and melting of active and rare metals and alloys on their basis, aluminum, aluminum and magnesian alloys, corrosion-proof chromonickel heat resisting alloys and various brands alloyed staly, and also at refinement of metals in metallurgy.

Properties: Argon - liquid at a temperature minus 185,90C, under normal conditions - gas.

Characteristics of argon

Indicators Value
Volume fraction of argon, in % 99.998
Volume fraction of oxygen, in % 0.0002
Volume fraction of nitrogen, in % 0.001
Volume fraction of water vapor, in % 0.0003
Volume fraction of carbon dioxide, in % 0.00002
Volume fraction of methane, in % 0.0001
Volume fraction of hydrogen, in % 0.0002

Danger to the person: Does not make dangerous impact on environment. Gaseous argon is heavier than air and can collect in poorly aired rooms at a floor. At the same time the content of oxygen in air decreases that causes oxygen insufficiency and asthma.

Liquid argon - the low-boiling liquid which can cause frostbite of skin and damage of a mucous membrane of eyes.

Transportation: Argon is transported all means of transport according to the rules of transportations of dangerous freights existing on this type of transport.

Liquid argon is filled in in special tanks with the powder, vacuum and powder or vacuum and multilayered isolation intended for transportations of liquid argon.

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Argon gaseous and liquid
Argon gaseous and liquid
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