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Aqueous emulsion ink

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Technical characteristics
  • Paint typeWater emulsion

Water dispersible paints (them call still water emulsion) are paints in which the binding basis and pigments are dispersed in the water environment and form steady suspension (a suspension, an emulsion). Are dispersed - that is are not dissolved, and "are entered". Water does not dissolve, but dilutes the components which are in it. Such paints represent the smallest particles of polymers which are in water in a suspension. After putting paint on a surface water evaporates, and the polymeric film hardens. Then she is not afraid of water influence any more. Aqueous emulsion ink has no pungent unpleasant smell and does not create harmful evaporations. It is easily washed away from hands and tools by means of soap (if did not manage to dry up yet). She well lays down on many surfaces - except for those which were covered with glossy paints earlier. And here it is possible to apply any paint on an emulsionka. Only not on metals: water causes fast process of corrosion.

Pronitsayema aqueous emulsion inks for water vapor (though to a lesser extent, than silicate) therefore they are used for the concrete, brick and plastered surfaces including external. Aqueous emulsion inks are not predisposed to flaking and do not interfere with maintenance in the house of a healthy microclimate. Opaque aqueous emulsion inks are badly steady against deleting and do not transfer repeated washing (but do not shine, do not glare). And if they bad quality, then be afraid of cretaceous effect: when you lean against a wall, you will have white all back (certainly, after that as paint very long time ago dried). By the way, cheap aqueous emulsion inks not only are short-lived, but also possess a high expense. However, as well as paints of other types.

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Aqueous emulsion ink
Aqueous emulsion ink
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