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APV-2 device

The device of automatic repeated inclusion of APV-2 (APV block) is intended for one - or double repeated turning on of the high-voltage switch in schemes of relay protection and antiemergency automatic equipment. Has separate adjustments of endurance of time of the first and second APV, LED indication of operation and existence of expeditious food. Allows without essential expenses to organize or add to the existing scheme of relay protection the APV function at accession modernization. Has small dimensions and weight (as at RT-40, RS-40), it is conveniently mounted on the RZA panel,
At the established crossing point between plugs 9, 10 of the device work as single APV, without crossing point
- as double APV.
Type of a climatic modification
- UHL, category of placement 4 in accordance with GOST 15150.
Short technical characteristics of the APV-2 device:
The device is calculated for work at ambient temperature from -40
°C to +50 °C.
Power supply of the device is carried out from a network of direct or alternating current by a voltage of 220 V. Under the order production on other face value of food is possible.
Meets requirements of GOST 3698-32.
Time of preparation of APV - 70... 90 pages. The endurance of time of the first krat is regulated from 0,5 to 8 with, with a step to 0,1 pages.
The endurance of time of the second inclusion is reckoned after performance of the first inclusion. If during (4-5) from later first inclusion of APV the high-voltage switch was not switched-off again, the device automatically dumps a signal is READY. APV also starts from scratch new counting of readiness.
The endurance of time of the second krat is regulated from 5 to 80 with, with a step of 5 pages. Time of deduction of output contact of the device in the closed state is in limits:
- (0,2-0,4) with - for the mode of double APV;
- (0,4-0,6) with - for the mode of single APV.
Power consumption of the APV-2 device at the operational supply voltage equal to 220 V
- no more than 2,5 VA.
Output chains of the device are capable to switch electric loading
at current to FOR and voltage from 24 to 250 V power:
- 60 W in a chain of a direct current from time constant no more than 0,005 with;
- 700 BA in a chain of alternating current with power factor not less than 0,5.
Overall dimensions of the APV-2 device, mm:
Weight, kg, no more: 1 The design of plugs of the device of automatic repeated inclusion of APV-2 allows to connect conductors both from outer side of the case, and from internal. Clips are adapted for accession no more than two conductors, with a section of 2,5 mm2 everyone. The APV installations are set by switching of microtoggle-switches on the forward panel of the device at uncovered. The design provided a possibility of sealing by the consumer of the transparent panel of a cover by mastic after a task of installations. Fastening of the device on a board (panel) is carried out by two M5 screws and nuts, with use of openings in the case basis.
We pay your attention that in protection devices on current of production "RZA SISTEMZ": PC-80M, PC81, PC83-A2, PC83-AB2 automatic repeated inclusion (single APV-1 or double APV-2) is provided in quality of the built-in function.

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APV-2 device
APV-2 device
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