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Artro's neocollagen – highly effective drink with the high content of a hydrolyzate of collagen promotes strengthening of connecting fabric, improves mobility of joints and sheaves. The product will be irreplaceable in a diet of the people who are actively playing sports or a hard physical activity, people with excess body weight and also for prevention of age changes of joints. The liquid form of a product provides faster and effective influence and digestion of biologically active agents.

1 portion of drink contains a daily dose of collagen (5 g)!

Drink basis Neokollagen Artro makes a collagen hydrolyzate – the balanced form of protein of collagen identical in the parameters to structure of cells of connecting fabric. The hydrolyzate of collagen normalizes an exchange and intensifies development of physiological type of collagen, accelerates processes of healing of cartilaginous tissue, increases density of a bone tissue, improves food and promotes restoration of connecting fabric. The original technology of hydrolysis of collagen allows to keep all amino acids of collagen in a natural ratio, so, provides efficiency of a product, its maximum assimilation and penetration.

Also are Neokollagen Artro's part:
Calcium which makes a basis of a bone tissue and stirs up activity of the major enzymes.
Arginin promoting improvement of a blood-groove in muscles and increasing the speed of restoration of the injured bone tissue.
Vitamins (B2, C, D, E) which provide the correct synthesis of collagen and calcium.

- Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is one of the main stimulators of synthesis of collagen. Experiments with cells of skin of the person (fibroblastama) of elderly people and newborns showed that under the influence of ascorbic acid they share much quicker and reach higher density, than in a group of persons, not accepting ascorbic acid, and such stimulation does not depend on age;

- Tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) possesses antioxidant activity and effectively protects skin from aging under the influence of ultraviolet rays;

- Riboflavinum (B2 vitamin) is necessary for formation of erythrocytes, antibodies, for regulation of growth and reproductive functions in an organism. It is also necessary for health of skin, nails, growth of hair and a thyroid gland;

- The calciferol (vitamin D) regulates assimilation of minerals of calcium and phosphorus, level of contents them in blood and receipt in a bone tissue and teeth, initiating synthesis of some proteins: collagen, alkaline phosphatase and calcium of the connecting proteins. Together with vitamin A and calcium protects an organism from cold, diabetes, eye and skin diseases, also promotes prevention of tooth caries and pathologies of gums, helps to struggle with osteoporosis and accelerates healing of changes.

Artro's neocollagen promotes:

• to strengthening of the musculoskeletal device
• to strengthening of structure of connecting fabric
• regenerations of cartilaginous surfaces

* to preservation of beauty and youth of skin, hair and nails
• to preservation of mobility of joints

Artro's neocollagen is recommended:

• At intensive sports activities
• At a hard physical activity
• During the sedentary work
• At excess body weight
• At advanced age

Way of preparation of drink Neokollagen Artro Arth Layf:

2 - To pour out 3 teaspoons (10 grams) of a product in a glass, at intensive hashing to fill in with cold water (180-200 ml). To stir carefully. To allow to stand 5 minutes - for full dissolution of components. To use right after preparation. For preparation it is better to use a shaker. For safety of a product at preparation of drink to use a pure dry spoon.

After opening to store a product no more than a month.

Nutrition value of drink of Neokollagen Artro Arth Layf:

in 1 portion (10 grams): proteins – 4,5 g, carbohydrates – 1,794 g, food fibers – 0,598 g, L-arginin – 0,915 g (15%), calcium – 0,15 (15%), B2 vitamin – 0,9 mg (50%), vitamin C – 13,5 mg (15%), vitamin D, – 1,5 mkg (30%), vitamin E – 2,25 mg (15%). 1 portion of drink contains a daily dose of a hydrolyzate of collagen (5000 mg). In brackets the percent from the recommended daily requirement for the adult in day according to MP is specified.

Power value of drink of Neokollagen Artro Arth Layf:

in 100 grams – 254 kcal, in 1 portion (10 grams) – 25,4 kcal.

Structure of drink Neokollagen Artro Arth Layf:

collagen hydrolyzate, fructose, calcium lactate (calcium), L-arginin, food fiber "Tsitri — Fay", maltodextrin, fragrance identical natural "Orange", lemon acid, dogrose extract, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), sukraloza, tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E), Riboflavinum (B2 Vitamin), Vitamin D.

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