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Ukraine, Luka- meleshkovskaja
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Mashed potatoes apricot

Choosing something sweet for the kids, parents often decide to buy mashed potatoes. And it is not casual. It is known that mashed potatoes are a product which is received by thermal processing of fruit or berry weight during rather short time. Having bought mashed potatoes, it is possible to count that in it the greatest number of the useful substances and vitamins which are contained in fruit and berries in comparison with jam or jam which are much longer remained are processed thermally.

Other people, especially those which suffer from the increased content of sugar in blood seek to buy mashed potatoes because at its production the minimum quantity of additional sugar is used. All sweet is reached at the expense of own fructose which is contained in initial fruit and berry materials. On average on 1 kg of raw materials by production of mashed potatoes no more than 100 grams of sugar are used that is five times less, than for production of jam or by 8 times, in comparison with jam. Some types of mashed potatoes which can be bought today in Ukraine in general may contain not sugar since in them it is used fruits with the high level of maintenance of a monosaccharide or fructose.

Mashed potatoes are pleasant not only to kids or those who seek to reduce sugar consumption. Many ordinary people trying simply to lead a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time not wishing to refuse completely sweet use mashed potatoes for preparation of various dishes, culinary pastries and so forth. Mashed potatoes, often, are used as initial material from which prepare various desserts promoting full and fast assimilation of food at the expense of contained in them lakto and bifidobacteria, and also vitamins and minerals.

Having bought mashed potatoes from the Love Luka trademark released by Nadiya - V manufacturing enterprise it is possible to be sure that you receive that product which possesses all the properties described above. For many years works, the company proved a high level of quality of the tinned products enjoying popularity both in Ukraine, and beyond its limits more than once.

Apricot mashed potatoes is used as an independent food product. For example, apricot mashed potatoes are considered an excellent component of baby food. Besides on the basis of apricot mashed potatoes make juice and nectars. In jams, jam, confiture and fruit and berry stuffings for confectionery, including house pastries, use apricot mashed potatoes. The fruit of an apricot tree contains enough vitamins and minerals which in the course of processing pass into structure of apricot mashed potatoes.

The natural and made in house conditions apricot mashed potatoes will contain in the structure a large amount of carotene, B1, P and PP vitamin, and also vitamin C, Lemon, apple and salicylic acid. Apricots are considered as the excellent all - strengthening fruit. Besides as a part of apricot mashed potatoes minerals of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, useful to a human body, and also salts of iron and iodine the containing connections contain. It is enough one view of a chemical composition of a product to estimate advantage of apricot mashed potatoes for children's and it is adult a human body.

To make apricot mashed potatoes in house conditions for you only ripe fruits of apricots will be required. By nature apricots belong with sweet grades of fruit therefore it is not expedient to add to apricot mashed potatoes sugar since the final product will turn out too sweet and luscious on taste. So, we presoak fresh apricots in water on half of hour, and then it is once again washed carefully out under flowing water. We blanch fruits of apricots in a double boiler or we cook in water of 5 - 10 minutes in the enameled pan.

Then we soften fruits of an apricot before obtaining fruit weight and we wipe through a sieve. After rubbing the received apricot mashed potatoes need to be brought to boiling without ceasing to stir slowly. Ready apricot mashed potatoes can be eaten at once, and it is possible to spread out on previously sterilized banks and to prepare a tasty vitamin delicacy for the winter. On the basis of home - made apricot mashed potatoes it is possible to prepare a fruit fruit candy or refined apricot sauce.

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Apricot Puree
Apricot Puree
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