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Apricot jam TM LOVELUKA

Apricot jam TM LOVELUKA

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Ukraine, Luka- meleshkovskaja
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Weight13 kg
  • Expiration date6 months
  • Kind of FruitApricot

TM LOVELUKA apricot jam

Structure: mashed potatoes apricot, sugar

Net weight of 650 g

Nutritional value of 100 g of foodstuff:

carbohydrates - 58 g

Caloric content of 100 g of foodstuff: 232 kcal / 971 kJ

Expiration date - 24 months


Structure: mashed potatoes apricot, sugar

Net weight is 6 - 13 kg

Nutritional value of 100 g of foodstuff:

carbohydrates - 61 g

Caloric content of 100 g of foodstuff: 244 kcal / 1022 kJ

Expiration date - 6 months

It is possible to buy apricot jam, both for independent consumption in food, and for further use as confectionery ingredient. So - called apricot fruit jelly which is received by long cooking with addition of the polysaccharides which are responsible for jellification of fruit jelly turns out especially tasty. But, even if not to cook fruit jelly, having bought apricot jam, it is possible to apply it as a stuffing to pie, pancakes or other candy stores and culinary products.

Jam from apricots is one of the most popular products delivered by the Nadiya - V company under the LOVELUKA trademark. The composition of apricot jam which can be bought not only in Ukraine, but also beyond its limits includes only two traditional ingredients. Apricot mashed potatoes which, by the way, is also issued and separately under the LOVELUKA brand and sugar. As a part of apricot jam from Nadiya - V production company you will not find either amplifiers of taste, or what other additional components reducing consumer qualities of food.

Thanks to a constant control of quality and following to a traditional compounding of processing of fruit for long storage, and also use of the most modern equipment, the Nadiya - V company manages to receive production which can be eaten safely, even to give to small children. And the modern equipment allows to refuse artificial preservatives, carrying out sterile packaging of jam.

It is possible to buy apricot jam also wholesale parties. All production is packed up in several types of capacities which most meet the requirements of the buyer. So apricot jam can be delivered in a gofrokoroba weighing 13 kg, polymeric buckets, a steklobanka or a polymeric glass weighing 500 grams. All production delivered on domestic market and export is followed by the necessary certificates confirming structure and quality of a food product.

Jam (chesh. povidl, polsk. powidcha, ukr. jam. Comes, perhaps, from praindoyevropeysky pavitra, the purified juice) — the foodstuff received by a uvarivaniye of fruit or berry puree with sugar. Spices (cinnamon, a carnation, etc. ) are sometimes added.

Jam represents light brown homogeneous mass without firm impregnations, possesses sourish and sweet taste. If mashed potatoes have low acidity, then lemon or other food acid is added to jam.

Ready jam contains no more than 34% of moisture and not less than 60% of sugar. Caloric content is 250 — 260 kcal on 100 g. Are most widespread apple, apricot, cherry, plum, cranberry, pear jam.

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Apricot jam TM LOVELUKA
Apricot jam TM LOVELUKA
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