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Technical characteristics
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Antiseptics of Fresh it is useful to the people caring about health of an oral cavity and a throat.
Perfectly neutralizes an unpleasant smell from a mouth and aftertaste from food, smoking and alcohol.
The main component - glitsinat zinc which has antibacterial effect. It disinfects an oral cavity, than promotes suppression of an unpleasant smell, interferes with development of inflammatory processes and colds.
Ksilitol who is contained in chewing gum promotes decrease in risk of development of caries.

It is recommended for blocking of cold and elimination of an unpleasant smell and smack in a mouth. To accept after food and as necessary during the day, to chew not less than 5 minutes.
Dosage: Antiseptics of Fresh adults are recommended to accept to 10 chewing gum a day.

Structure: Glitsinat of zinc, left menthol, aero forces, natural fragrance of mint taste, chewing weight.

Zinc - a vital microcell for a human body. Zinc is a natural immunomodulator and powerful antioxidant which promotes process of maturing of lymphocytes, stimulates synthesis of antibodies, increasing resistance of an organism to infections and rendering the expressed antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antiallergic action.
Zinc also the fact that it normalizes a metabolism (proteinaceous, carbohydrate, phosphoric) is important, and also regulates activity of reproductive system.
It reduces manifestations of dryness of skin, allergic reactions, acne rash and is necessary for the normal growth of hair and nails. Participates in the course of splitting of alcohol in an organism.

Ksilitol - the most useful to health of teeth sugar substitute. It possesses the properties containing growth of pathogenic bacteria in an oral cavity and thus promotes decrease in risk of development of caries and prevention of formation of an unpleasant smell from a mouth.

As works Fresh Antiseptics

In difference from the known methods of fight against an unpleasant smell from a mouth, Antiseptics of Fresh does not mask a smell fragrance, and completely cleans
Such effect is reached thanks to antibacterial and antiseptic properties of zinc, left menthol which are a part of a chewing gum. These substances not only kill bacteria, for example, of a stafilokoka, but also interfere with their reproduction in an oral cavity!

The frequent use of a chewing gum of Antiseptics of Fresh at early stages of catarrhal diseases (when only you begin to feel that caught a cold) helps to cure quicker a throat, not to allow an illness to be aggravated or at all stops cold right at the beginning.

The reasons of an unpleasant smell from a mouth (galitoz) it is most often connected with reproduction of bacterial flora in an oral cavity owing to the wrong hygiene. Existence of such diseases as a periodontal disease, stomatitis is of great importance, caries gingivit which also promote reproduction of bacteria.

Dryness in a mouth owing to decrease in salivation, breath through a mouth, smoking, alcohol intake can be the cause of a galitoz. The unpleasant smell from a mouth without fail appears after the use of certain products - onions, garlic, coffee, alcohol, firm cheese.

The unpleasant smell from a mouth can testify to certain diseases:
1. A renal failure, an azotemiya - an ammonia smell.
2. A liver failure - a fish smell.
3. Diabetic ketoacidosis - a sweet fruit smell.
4. Gastrointestinal tract diseases (stomach ulcer, gastritis).
5. Inflammations of airways and nasopharynx.

For prevention and treatment of an unpleasant smell from a mouth there is a number of the general recommendations:
1. To watch hygiene of an oral cavity (to brush teeth 2 times a day with use of toothpaste and a brush, to rinse a mouth after each meal or to chew Fresh Antiseptics).
2. Regularly (time in 6 months) to visit the stomatologist - not to start a disease of teeth and gums.
3. To watch the general state of health - to treat the main diseases. Antiseptics of Fresh disinfects an oral cavity, interferes with emergence of inflammatory processes of a mouth and a throat and eliminates an unpleasant smell from a mouth, including a smell of alcohol and cigarettes.
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