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For the staff of the offices which appeared in the stressful situations connected with excessive loading at work.

The active components which are a part of a chewing gum have the calming effect, promote reduction of feeling of alarm and increase of resistance of an organism to stresses.
Also improve concentration of attention and intellectual working capacity. Ksilitol who is contained in chewing gum promotes decrease in risk of development of caries and formation of an unpleasant smell from a mouth.

Dosage: The anti-stress of Relax is recommended to be accepted the adult. It is no more than 10 chewing gums in days.

Structure: L-theanine, Ksilitol, B12 vitamin, natural fragrance of mint taste, chewing weight.

The maintenance of a teanin corresponds to 2 cups of green tea.

It is recommended to accept regularly in 2-3 hours during the day. To chew not less than 5 minutes.

L-theanine (L-teanin) is the amino acid received in the special way from tea leaves. Is a natural and safe relaksant, improves mood, helps to get rid of a condition of uneasiness and concern. At the same time, increases concentration of attention, helps to concentrate. L-teanin does not cause dependence.

Vitamin B 12 (cyanocobalamine) - promotes elimination of sleeplessness and a condition of a depression. Increases energy and increases concentration of attention. Normalizes appetite.

Ksilitol - the most useful to health of teeth sugar substitute. It possesses the properties containing growth of pathogenic bacteria in an oral cavity and thus promotes decrease in risk of development of caries and prevention of formation of an unpleasant smell from a mouth.

In fact, any situations which cause negative emotions in the person are the reasons of a stress.
The overwhelming number of modern men and women is in the constant stress connected with work. It can be overloads and difficulties in work, change of the place of work, the conflicts with the administration or colleagues.
The constant stress at work conducts to other problems - deterioration in health, feeling of depression and even to a depression.

Stress symptoms
- constant feeling of alarm and concern
- unwillingness to be engaged in cerebration
- irritability
- pessimism and depression
- loss of interest in everything that occurs around
- sleeplessness or bad dream
- lack of appetite or, on the contrary, overeating
- unwillingness to have sex
- fits of anger or hysterics

Stress consequences
- digestive tract diseases
- sleep disorders (sleeplessness or chronic drowsiness)
- deteriorations in a condition of hair, skin, nails
- impotence
- warmly vascular diseases
- stroke

The anti-stress of Relax which contains L-teanin amino acid promotes reduction of feeling of uneasiness, concern, supports work of heart, and also reduces risk of consequences from a chronic stress.
Action of L-teanina brings a brain to a state of a probuzhdyonnost and intellectual activity, and also positively influences memory and concentration of attention. Besides, L-teanin is capable to raise the level of dopamine which has effect of improvement of mood.

There are enough 50 mg of L-teanina (one chewing gum of Antistress of Relax) to feel its influence on cerebration.

In a difficult stressful situation not less than 200 mg of L-teanina can be necessary to cease to be nervous and master itself (it is 4 chewing gum of Antistress of Relax).

Reception of a chewing gum of Antistress of Relax:
- helps to reduce stress -
promotes decrease in feeling of alarm and concern
- helps intellectual concentration and slackness
- improves mood
- normalizes a dream
- supports work of heart
- normalizes appetite
- positively influences memory
- interferes with emergence of an unpleasant smell from a mouth and promotes prevention of caries.

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