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Anastrozol 1mg

Anastrozol 1mg

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandBio Tech Pharmaci
  • Country of manufactureGermany
  • ColorWhite
  • GTIN002018651201

substances characteristic of Anastrozole

Antitumor agent, a selective non - steroidal aromatase inhibitor.


The white crystalline powder. Solubility in water 0. 25 mg / ml (at 25 ° C), is not dependent on pH in the physiological range. It is easily soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetone, tetrahydrofuran. Easily soluble in acetonitrile. The molecular weight of 293. 4.


Pharmacological action - anti - tumor, inhibiting the synthesis of estrogen.
It is active against estrogen - mammary tumors in post - menopausal women. Androstenedione - main source of circulating estrogen in postmenopausal women, in peripheral tissues is converted into estrone and then to estradiol, this process occurs by the enzyme aromatase. The mechanism of action of anastrozole associated with inhibition of aromatase (selective non - steroidal inhibitor) in peripheral tissues, including fat, which leads to a reduction in the amount of estradiol. In the treatment of anastrozole in the recommended dose - 1 mg per day - estradiol level is reduced by 70% for 24 hours, 80% - after 14 days. Suppression of serum estradiol is maintained for 6 days after cessation of daily administration of 1 g of anastrozole. Reduced levels of circulating estradiol, which exerts a therapeutic effect in breast tumors in postmenopausal women. With daily administration in doses of 3, 5 and 10 mg anastrozole had no effect on the secretion of aldosterone and cortisol. Anastrozole did not show direct progestogenic, androgenic and estrogenic activity in animals, but changed the levels of circulating progesterone, androgens and estrogens.


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Anastrozol 1mg
Anastrozol 1mg
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