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Ukraine, Kiev
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Technical characteristics
  • Brandимпорт
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Ammophos, art.243613885

Ammophos? this high-concentrated complex nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer, the general content of active ingredients in which reaches 64%, including for the share of nitrogen, falls 12%, phosphorus — 52%. Phosphorus in it is in a water-soluble form and is easily acquired by plants on all soils. Ammophos possesses good physical and chemical and mechanical properties: it is not hygroscopic, it does not slezhivatsya, does not raise dust, has the leveled particle size distribution. In this salt there are practically no ballast substances, and its application cuts down expenses on transportation, storage and entering into the soil.

Ammophos is successfully applied as the main, preseeding and especially as ryadkovy fertilizer under various crops in all soil and climatic zones of the country. On neutral and alkalescent soils (the carbonate chernozem, meadow and forest carbonate, chestnut soils, gray soils) ammophos creates more favorable phosphatic mode in comparison with superphosphate. It is expedient to use ammophos in droughty zones where nitrogen fertilizers it is required much less, than phosphoric. Ammophos is widely applied also in the conditions of the protected soil together with nitrogen and potash fertilizers.


Double nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer. Contains 10-12% of nitrogen and 46-50% of P2O5 in well dissolved form. It is highly effective at application in rows under all cultures, it is possible to bring under a zyablevy plowed land and for feed on soils with low contents of phosphorus and the increased content of potassium. A lack of ammophos is the unbalanced content in it of nitrogen and phosphorus (1:4) that somewhat limits its application in pure form as fertilizer. However, ammophos is a good component for preparation tukosmesy as it is combined practically with all standard fertilizers. It oxidizes a little the soil as has biological acidity.


The main introduction (before crops under cultivation of the soil):

  • Winter and summer grain, colza? 1-1,5 kg on a hundred part
  • Potatoes, sugar and fodder beet? 1,5-2 kg, on a hundred part
  • Corn, sunflower, carrots, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes? 10-20 g on 1 sq.m

Feed (in rows, to the soil):

  • Carrots, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes - 7-10 g on 1 sq.m
  • Potatoes, sugar and fodder beet - 0,5-1 kg on a hundred part
  • Corn, sunflower, apple-tree, pear, plum, sweet cherry, raspberry - 10-15 g, on 1 sq.m

Advantages of application

  • Promotes increase in efficiency of cultures
  • Develops strong root system
  • Increases resistance of plants to a drought and diseases
  • Improves quality of production
  • Increases period of storage of a product



The main
Type of complex fertilizer - Mineral
Type of fertilizer Ammophos
Preparativny form - Granules -
Country producer Russia

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Ammophos 12:52
Ammophos 12:52
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