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Ammonium nitrate in Ukraine

Ammonium nitrate in Ukraine

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Ammonium nitrate in Ukraine, ammonium nitrate - a strong oxidizer the price from the producer

Description of goods: Ammoniac saltpeter - represents crystal powder or granules of white color with a yellowish shade, salt of nitric acid. It is well dissolved in water, ammonia, pyridine, methanol, ethanol. In usual atmospheric conditions decays extremely slowly. Density 1, 725 g/cm ³. Melting temperature - 169, 6 °C, boiling temperature - 235 °C, decomposition temperature - 210 °C. Ammonium nitrate - a strong oxidizer, in a dry form explodes from detonators. To mechanical influences (blow, friction) it is not sensitive. At impact of fire and a spark on ammonium nitrate of fire does not occur. At the fires it decays, emitting oxygen that strengthens burning of flammable objects. At the strong fires of the warehouses containing a large amount of saltpeter explosions owing to its rough thermal decomposition and intensive gas generation are possible.
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Ammonium nitrate in Ukraine
Ammonium nitrate in Ukraine
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