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Aluminum ChDA hydroxide

Aluminum ChDA hydroxide

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Aluminum ChDA hydroxide
Description and actions

In pure form, aluminum hydroxide whitish powder or granules which is insoluble in water, but is soluble in strong acids or the bases. It act as the neutralized agent for acids and the bases, forming new connections. For example, at influence with hydrochloric acid it forms aluminum chloride which is used in the industry and in medicine, is frequent in the form of gel which is formed at its sedimentation (mixed in solution with formation of a solid body).

Properties of aluminum hydroxide

As well as other compounds of aluminum, aluminum hydroxide contacts other elements and it can be used in cleaning processes. As well as aluminum oxide, it reacts with impurity, forming a deposit which can be easily filtered from water or other liquids. It is stable and is well combined with paints and vegetable color as pickle. It can be also used as a fixer in development of the photo. It is not a conductor of electricity and it has melting temperature of 300 °C.

Aluminum hydroxide use

The aluminum hydroxide scope, seems almost infinite. It is used as a cleaner of water, pickle for dyes, the amplifier in photographic processes, as ingredient in cosmetics and in a number of drugs. It also finds application in the construction industry and in ceramics. It is one of the most universal compounds of aluminum.

Medical application

Ability of aluminum hydroxide to neutralize acids does it antatsidny. It also has the stimulating effect on immune system and is used in medicine against tetanus, hepatitis A and hepatitis B. As aluminum hydroxide connects phosphates, it is used for treatment of kidneys at patients with a renal failure. It builds high levels of phosphates in the patient's blood. The phosphates connected with hydroxide aluminum can be easily removed from the patient's body.

Use in cosmetics

As this compound of aluminum is steady and not toxic for the person, it is used in different cosmetics and means on care of skin, including cosmetics for eyes and lipstick. Besides, an additive in suntan preparations, the cosmetic clearing means moistening cream and body lotions. Aluminum hydroxide is ingredient of many personal hygiene means, including deodorants, toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners, suntan preparations, and body lotions. He acts as the protectant for skin knitting and pigmental means.

Use in the industry

Aluminum hydroxide is added cement for receiving concrete products. Cement with the high content of aluminum oxide quickly dries, especially at influence of heat. It is also used in production industrial and pottery and glass. At addition of aluminum oxide in glass its thermal stability increases, i.e. melting temperature increases. When mixing with polymers, compounds of aluminum do material fire-resistant.

Application in the textile industry

As aluminum hydroxide is not dissolved in water, it can be used in the textile industry for waterproof fabric. It is also used as pickle with dyes to connect color with fabric. When fabrics, are steady against dyes pickle is applied to allow dye to get into fabric. Some fabrics flammable and use of aluminum hydroxide does them fire-resistant.

Additional use of aluminum hydroxide

As well as others of compounds of aluminum, hydroxide of aluminum is used for water purification and sewage treatment for removal of impurity and solid particles. It is also used as preservative and a filler in ink. In laboratory it is often used in a chromatography, at division of chemicals in separate components. One more use of aluminum hydroxide - production of quality paper, as binder.

While some alumina of connections to cause negative reactions in people, aluminum hydroxide has no adverse effects for most of citizens. Its use in products of daily consumption is widespread and gives it a set of applications in the industry and house use. And though aluminum hydroxide in itself is not a usual product, it contains and used in many products which people use every day.

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Aluminum ChDA hydroxide
Aluminum ChDA hydroxide
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