Buy Alezan" krkm for joints
Alezan" krkm for joints

Alezan" krkm for joints

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandАлезан
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Release formCream

Contains complex phytoextracts of 13 medicinal herbs, a glycosamine, hondroitin, a mummy, sea - buckthorn oil. ALEZAN cream has the anti - inflammatory, anesthetizing and hondroprotektivny effect in cases of traumatizing joints, at sharp and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal device, including at scapular and humeral polyarthritis, arthritises, arthroses, osteoarthritises, osteoarthroses, serous and fibrous sinovita and tendovaginita; normalizes deposits of calcium in a bone tissue, slows down progressing of degenerate processes in joints, promotes disappearance of hypostasis and a pain syndrome of joints. Provides additional food to joint tissues. A glycosamine the hydrochloride protects cartilaginous tissue from destruction, promotes preservation of elasticity of a matriks of a cartilage. Hondroitin sulfate improves a phosphorus - calcium exchange, participates in creation of the main substance of a cartilaginous and bone tissue, slows down progressing of osteoarthrosis, promotes regeneration of articulate surfaces and an articulate bag, and also increase in production of intra articulate liquid that reduces a pain syndrome and provides improvement of mobility of the affected joints. Structure. Glycosamine hydrochloride, hondroitin sulfate of sodium, mummy, complex phytoextracts of herbs of a chistotel, wormwood, thyme, yarrow and St. John's Wort, flowers of a calendula and camomile, hips, caraway seeds and fennel, root of a glycyrrhiza, buds of a pine and leaves of a peppermint; polyethyleneglycol stearate, oil sea - buckthorn, glycerin, olive oil, karbopol, methyl air of parooksibenzoyny acid, propyl air of parooksibenzoyny acid, sodium hydroxide, water of especially high cleaning with silver ions. Doses and method of application. rub cream to the area of a joint, applying it on the dry uninjured skin, 2 - 3 times a day within a month, the break not less than 2 weeks later is necessary. Cream is easily absorbed, without leaving fat spots. Possesses high penetration. Release form. Polymeric bottle of 500 and 750 ml, tube of 100 ml.

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Alezan" krkm for joints
Alezan" krkm for joints
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