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Akvatraktsion - a hydromassage bathtub

Akvatraktsion - a hydromassage bathtub

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Akvatraktsion - a hydromassage bathtub for underwater extension and a hydromassage of a backbone (with the built - in mechanism of raising of the patient)

"Akvatraktsion" is a multipurpose complex which allows to carry out the underwater extension operated electronically, hydro - aero massage of paravertebralny okolopozvonochny muscles and procedure of the underwater shower massage (USM).
All complete sets of a complex include electronic system of extension, the built - in automated elevator, a wheelchair for the patient, steps for a bathtub, belts for lumbar and sacral extension in 2 sizes and Gleason's loop for cervical extension - all in order that you received the equipment, completely ready to work, without spending excess funds for purchase of additional options.
The mechanism of extension of a hydromassage bathtub of "Akvatraktsion" is made many years, is used and tested on the device "ORMED - professional" and showed the reliability, safety and convenience of operation.

Underwater extension or traction therapy is one of the most effective methods of treatment of the musculoskeletal device which is used in Russia and abroad more than fifty years.
The success of treatment by complexes of underwater extension is explained by the fact that in warm water under the influence of small load of a backbone, there is a full relaxation of muscles and extension of okolopozvonochny elastic fabrics and sheaves. As a result the sdavleniye of the restrained back of a spinal nerve is eliminated, the shift of an intervertebral disk is liquidated and blood supply improves, decrease, and then and pains absolutely disappear.
Hydromassage bathtub of "AKVATRAKTsION" - the most convenient for carrying out underwater extension the device in which experience of treatment of last years and modern hi - tech developments is realized.

It is the most modern and safe type of extension allowing to adjust precisely draft force.
On the color, touch liquid crystal display the extension modes are chosen:
- constant (static traction) - with constant effort -
- variable (dynamic traction) - the effort decreases, increases.
Extension happens more effectively at variable, than at continuous influence. Because it less sharp and intensive - fast traction is replaced by a fast relaxation, load of muscles and sheaves decreases.

The special built - in elevator is built in in a bathtub bed.
Advantages of the built - in elevator:
- An opportunity by means of the control panel to mechanize movements of the patient from horizontal (initial) in inclined (working) situation and back that provides as much as possible care with the patient -
- The built - in elevator does not demand the additional area indoors, unlike separately delivered bulky elevators -
- Even with a big weight it is easy to ship the inactive patient in a bathtub and to carry out procedures -
- It is difficult to move and deploy separately delivered elevators, difficult precisely to drive and ship in a bathtub, at the same time there is a risk of damage of a bathtub. At the built - in elevator all these problems are absent -
- There is no accumulator discharge problem as power supply of the elevator is carried out from the general network -
- The drive of the elevator is made by the world famous firm LINAK making the high - quality equipment

Force of extension is established:
- for cervical department from 2 to 15 kg. ,
- for lumbar and sacral department from 2 to 60 kg.
The schedule of extension is displayed in real time on the display. Directly during procedure change of all parameters of extension is possible.

Besides various type of tractions, the bathtub is calculated on carrying out balneological procedure of hydro - aero massage. Hydro - aero massage nozzles are located strictly paravertebralno, along a vertebral zone.
The choice of procedures is possible:
- The hydromassage relaxes okolopozvonochny muscles in order that extension took place more easily and physiologic
- Aero massage by the warmed - up air ("pearl bathtubs") tones up fabrics and skin, intensifies blood circulation, kills back pains and rheumatic syndromes -
- Gidro - aeromassazh nozzles of Magic reproduces effect of a geyser. Well influences nervous system,
calms, weakens, improves health -
- Ionization of air allows the patient to enjoy exclusively fresh air during all medical procedure.

The hydromassage bathtub of "Akvatraktsion" is equipped also with a shower massage.
The shower massage underwater is a hydropathic procedure at which the patient who is in a bathtub is massed a water stream.
Carrying out such procedure for preparation for extension of a backbone many times increases medical effect of traction. At the same time muscles relax and extension happens more easily and physiologically.

Massage by a water stream causes blood redistribution, improves krovo - and the limfoobrashcheniye, stimulates a metabolism and recovery processes in fabrics, promotes the fastest rassasyvaniye in them the inflammatory centers, increases mobility of joints and a backbone. The underwater shower massage at any technique of its application has the general effect on an organism. After procedure patients note improvement of health, feeling of ease, cheerfulness and freshness. Course treatment increases working capacity and normalizes a dream. Positive shifts happen in a functional condition of all bodies and systems.
The design of a hydromassage bathtub with an inclined bottom provides the most correct position of the patient during extension.
Important also the fact that the sufficient depth of a bathtub and its design allows to ship the patient completely in warm water, without being afraid that the zone of a thorax or cervical department will remain open and can cool down in the course of carrying out procedure.
Besides, the bathtub with an inclined bottom saves water as filling requires much its smaller volume.
In virtual the device 10 last carried - out programs of extension with reflection of all modes of procedures of extension on the control panel screen are held in remembrance.
All complete sets of a hydromassage bathtub of underwater extension include a wheelchair for the patient.
Height of a wheelchair corresponds to bathtub case height, and the soft covering from the foam rubber fitted by an imitation leather is steady against moisture and disinfection.
The integrated approach to procedures of extension assumes rest of the patient after procedure. Loads of relaksirovanny departments of a backbone are excluded.
The patient with a minimum of movements moves from the bathtub elevator to a wheelchair, it is covered with a sheet where it some time lies not movably. Rest of the patient after extension many times increases medical effect of procedure.

Advantages and possibilities of a complex:
- Ideal ratio price quality.
- The complete set of a bathtub provides all necessary for extension and carrying out other balneological procedures (PDM, a hydromassage).
- Fastening of buckles of belts of extension is made at the level of a bathtub side, over a water surface that is convenient when training the patient for procedure.
- The inclined bottom of a hydromassage bathtub allows to ship completely the patient in water, closing a zone of a thorax and cervical department of a backbone.
- All components of a complex which are in water are made of plastic or stainless steel - the materials which are not exposed to corrosion.
Convenient hygienic processing of a bathtub.

The brush for washing of hard - to - reach spots is included in the package of delivery: durable, is steady against disinfection, does not damage a bathtub surface.
As important point it is necessary to consider safety of the patient during procedure of underwater extension of a backbone. The built - in electromechanical and electronic protection protect from overloads during cervical and lumbar extension. The button of the emergency stop of the "alarm button" procedure is handed to the patient. At emergence of unpleasant feelings the patient can independently stop procedure.

Type of a complex from above

Technical characteristics of a hydromassage bathtub:
Overall dimensions of a bathtub (d. sh. v. ), mm 2600х1000х1100
Total amount of a bathtub, l 700
Total amount of water, l 600
Range of size of the stretching force, kg 2 - 60
Duration of procedure, min. to 30
The patient's weight on the device, kg 150
Power consumption, kV • And 2
Weight without water, kg 200
Weight with water, kg 800
Service personnel, persons 1

Hydromassage bathtub for underwater extension and a hydromassage of a backbone of "AKVATRAKTsION"

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Akvatraktsion - a hydromassage bathtub
Akvatraktsion - a hydromassage bathtub
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