Buy Aktinidiya Lakomka in containers
Aktinidiya Lakomka in containers

Aktinidiya Lakomka in containers

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Ukraine, Vyshgorod
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Technical characteristics
  • ManufacturerOwn production
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • ColorLight pink
  • SpeciesЛасунка(Лакомка)

We SELL to Sazhentsy: aktinidiya "Gourmand" - a powerful treelike liana. It is removed by crossing of an aktinidiya "Purple" with an aktinidiya of Argut. It is received in the Kiev National botanical garden.
Blossoms in June. Flowers white dvudomny. Single, or on 2 - 3 in an inflorescence.
Fruits of the form extended stupid yaytsepodobnoy, juicy, gentle, without special aroma. Pulp light - purple. Ripens unevenly, are not showered.
Maturing time - September.

�растение is cold - resistant, shade - enduring, but for normal fructification loves open solar places

�корневая system is located in the top layer of earth therefore there has to be a pritenena, badly transfers a drought

�отличается decorative effect, is widely used in landscaping, for arches, arbors, fences

�по to the content of vitamin "C" surpasses blackcurrant by 2 - 3 times!

fruits of a plant are used in a fresh, dried look, fray with sugar, strike to freezing, also do wine, jam, compote of them, apply in cookery

Breeds the seeds (the beginning of fructification for 5 - 6 year) which stiffened and green shanks, horizontal layers (fructification for the 3rd year after landing).
When jumping the recommended distance between plants 3 - 4 meters.

When landing saplings it is necessary to pay special attention to protection a plant from domestic cats within the first 3 years until the plant gets stronger (after a valeryana, the aktinidiya is on the second place at cats). The recommended protection: the cylinder (height - 1 m, diameter - 0, 25m) from the galvanized metal gauze used to plaster.

ATTENTION! Plant dvudomny: for fructification are necessary a men's and female plant.

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Aktinidiya Lakomka in containers
Aktinidiya Lakomka in containers
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