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Agar-agar of 1200

Agar-agar of 1200

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The agar-agar is the product (mix of polysaccharides) received by way of extraction from red and brown seaweed of the White, Black seas and the Pacific Ocean and forming dense jelly in water solutions.

The agar is vegetable substitute of gelatin.

Why it is worth buying an agar-agar? First, it is natural and very useful analog of gelatin. It is used at preparation of jelly, fruit jelly, jellies, cakes. The agar-agar also has several fundamental differences from gelatin.
• Zheliruyushchy force is much higher than it, so, the agar agar will be required less and it will stiffen quicker.
• The agar is not dissolved in cold water – it needs to be heated previously. And then for hardening at a temperature to leave higher than room.
• Its taste is absolutely neutral, and here meat smack which is possessed by gelatin, can become a serious problem for hostesses – especially in desserts. Therefore only the agar-agar will be suitable for a zephyr, fruit jelly and the well-known cake "Pigeon's milk". It is possible to buy it in the necessary quantity in our online store.
• On the properties the agar-agar is closer to pectin. Both are made from vegetable raw materials, are useful to health and possess fine zheleobrazuyushchy action.

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Agar-agar of 1200
Agar-agar of 1200
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