Buy Aerosol enamel SUPER DERUSTO CHROME (DAP, USA) 317 g, 400 ml
Aerosol enamel SUPER DERUSTO CHROME (DAP, USA) 317 g, 400 ml

Aerosol enamel SUPER DERUSTO CHROME (DAP, USA) 317 g, 400 ml

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Aerosol enamel — a metallic


Packing: 317

Colors: Gold, chrome

DAP® DERUSTO® Chrome/Gold Plate — Excellent high-quality enamel with a magnificent durability. It is resistant to spraying, spreading and teardrop. Provides reliable protection as in rooms, and outside. When drying gives a smooth brilliant covering. It is ideal for wooden, metal and wattled products. Forms the strong sheeting resistant to corrosion and fading. Perfectly is suitable for devices, the equipment, office furniture, picture frames, external furniture, tires, bumpers and motorcycles.
Preparation of a surface and method of application

To apply paint on a pure, dry surface, free from dirt, dust, wax and the lagging behind particles. Surfaces, unliable colourings, it is necessary to close. For the best results of a surface to process a primer of Touch'N Tone Primer Gray 279.

Stir up a barrel carefully to and during application so that the mixing balls moved freely. To apply at a temperature not below 18 °C. To hold a cylinder vertically, at distance about 30 cm from a surface. To spray paint evenly, moving a barrel forward and back. It is better to put several layers. Drying time 1 hour. It is not recommended for plastic plates, rubber, asphalt and use in pools.

Not dried up paint can be purified by mineral alcohols. The dried paint is deleted with special structures. After use it is necessary to clean the valve, having turned a cylinder upside down and having pressed a spray, pure gas will not go yet. Before storage to turn a spray on ¼ and to wipe absolutely. During removal or change of a spray to direct the spraying opening from eyes, clothes and bodies aside.
Not to accept inside
To hold far from children.
oil distillates.
Precautionary measures during the using and storage

To use in well aired rooms. To provide inflow of fresh air in such volume not to feel a chemical smell in a usage time and drying. Couple it is heavier than air and can accumulate in low places. Not to spray near heating devices, an open flame and places of possible sparking. No smoking. To exclude contact with skin. Apply protection to eyes. To store and use in the cool place. To avoid the directed sunlight and far from heat sources. Not to pierce, not to burn and not to store at t> 50 °C.
First aid
Contact with skin — to wash out water with soap.
Contact with eyes — to wash out a large amount of water within 15 minutes. To see immediately a doctor.
Steam inhalation — to go out of doors, see a doctor immediately.
Hit inside — not to cause vomiting. To see immediately a doctor.
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Aerosol enamel SUPER DERUSTO CHROME (DAP, USA) 317 g, 400 ml
Aerosol enamel SUPER DERUSTO CHROME (DAP, USA) 317 g, 400 ml
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