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Additives for canned mea

Additives for canned mea

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Ukraine, Dnipro
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Glyutamat, a guara, a ksantana, an agar - agar, baking soda, salt food and other additives for canned meat.


For canned food in the modern food industry are used:

  • The anti - making foam agents – at certain stages of a number of processes of production of foodstuff prevent or reduce formation of foam. Defoaming agents destroy already formed foam. Scopes: production of tinned vegetables, syrups, fruit products, jam, etc.
  • Antioxidants (antioxidants, oxidation inhibitors) – slow down process of oxidation of foodstuff, protecting thus fats and fat - containing products from rancidification, protecting fruit, vegetables and products of their processing from darkening, slowing down enzymatic oxidation of wine, beer and soft drinks. As a result expiration dates of these products increase several times. Scope: canning industry.
  • Geleobrazovateli (zheleobrazovatel, jellifying substances) are substances, in certain conditions capable to form gels. Scopes: production of canned food, etc.
  • Thickeners are the substances increasing viscosity of foodstuff zagushchayushchy them. Scopes: tinned soups and sauces, fruit and vegetable canned food, etc.
  • Intensive sweeteners – the substances of not sugar nature applied to giving to a product of sweet taste they in hundreds (sometimes in tens) times are more sweet than sugar. Scopes: conservation of fruit and vegetables, etc.
  • Dyes – the substances restoring the natural coloring lost in processing and the storages increasing intensity of natural coloring, painting colourless products. Scopes: production of canned food, etc.
  • Preservatives – the substances suppressing development of microorganisms. Scopes: production of canned food, etc.
  • Fillers are the inert substances applied in production of low - calorie products. Scopes: production of canned food, etc.
  • The bleaches (bleaching substances) – prevent and eliminate undesirable coloring of a product by chemical reaction with its components. Scopes: subject to bleaching fish canned food, preserved food and marinades, etc.
  • Podkisliteli (acid) – the substances causing sour taste of foodstuff. Scopes: production of fruit canned food, etc.
  • Acidity regulators – the substances establishing and maintaining in foodstuff a certain value rn. Scopes: production of canned food, etc.
  • Sweeteners (sugar substitutes) – give to foodstuff and ready food sweet taste, and also perform other technological functions of sugar. Scopes: conservation of fruit and vegetables, etc.
  • Synergists of antioxidants are the substances which are not possessing anti - oxidizing action, or being weak antioxidants, but strengthening effect of antioxidants. Scope: canning industry.
  • Stabilizers of coloring (stabilizers) – keep natural coloring of foodstuff at their processing and storage or slow down undesirable change of coloring. Scopes: products of processing of fruit and vegetables (canned food, dried fruits, juice, pulps, puree, etc. ), etc.
  • Sealant (vegetable fabrics), hardeners are the substances improving structure and appearance of the processed foodstuff, generally fruit and vegetables due to consolidation of their fabrics. Processing is carried out before or during heat treatment by immersion to solution or sealant additive to filling of canned food. Scopes: tinned vegetables, fruit, meat of crabs, salmon, lobsters, tuna.
  • Amplifiers (modifiers) of taste and aroma strengthen (modify) perception of taste and aroma by stimulation of the terminations of flavoring nerves though amplifiers can not have neither own smell, nor taste. Scopes: production of canned food, etc.
  • Emulsifiers are the substances doing possible or facilitating receiving emulsions and stabilizing the last. Scopes: production of canned food, etc.


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Additives for canned mea
Additives for canned mea
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