Buy Additive for SDO polysterene concrete, CHB, SDO-L Pitch
Additive for SDO polysterene concrete, CHB, SDO-L Pitch

Additive for SDO polysterene concrete, CHB, SDO-L Pitch

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  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • TypePolystyrene concrete block

SDO and START softener allows to stir polystyrene and cement qualitatively.

Water dispersion of PITCH by WOOD OMYLENA (abiyetinovy salt). 

Foreign analogs: ZIKA (Sika) - Lps-A, Vinsol, SDO-LP

The Pitch Wood Saponified (PWS) is a product of saponification of wood pitch (tar) solution of a caustic natr. On the properties it is very similar to the Pitch Neytralizirovany Airinvolving (PNA) but strongly concedes in the main property - it is airinvolvement. All airinvolving additives can be divided into two main groups.

  1. Products on the basis of Abiyetinovy salt – Sika Lps-A, Vinsol, SDO-LP, SDO Pitch, START Pitch. The airinvolving softeners of concrete of this group developed only for involvement of small vials of air which increase mobility of concrete and do not allow to pass to water into a firm phase at negative temperatures of concrete. These properties of the airinvolving softeners forces to apply them to cast and frost-resistant concrete.
  2. Products on the basis of the washing substances – SLS, SLES. In pure form in few places are on sale, but products on their basis filled all markets and shops are laundry detergents, and GALA detergents. In case of use of detergents as the airinvolving softeners is not accepted. In such means the airinvolving effect is collateral. Vials of the involved air very large can also form foam that not only considerably will lower concrete brand, but also many times will reduce frost resistance. Vysola on a tile, paint, a brick and other concrete designs will become the most noticeable lack of such additives. Let's remind that the main property of similar softeners this washing property. From concrete as early as years 10 it will be washed away, salt, lime and all minerals not only sand and crushed stone, but also most terrible it cement. What will lead to the accelerated concrete erosion.

Other groups of the airinvolving additives did not gain big distribution, because of a big ratio price/quality, or difficulties of their introduction. All types of the airinvolving softeners are presented at the market of Ukraine. The domestic airinvolving softeners much cheaper the foreign analogs. SDO pitch (The Lviv Region) and START pitch (The Cherkassk Region) is manufactured in Ukraine. in Russia START pitch (The Leningrad Region), and SDO (Voronezh)

Why we need the airinvolving effect in concrete and solution.

  1. Solution with small vials of air does not sit down. In cement mortar do not fall down heavy fractions of sand in a deposit, and cement mix will melt uniform, and soft. Besides that it is pleasant to work with such solution, airinvolved longer holds moisture. After addition of SDO or START, it is not necessary to add clay, dangerous to cement, any more.
  2. In concrete the airinvolving softeners carry out a role:

     - softeners of a flux oil of cement. Vials of air will melt "shariko-podshibnik" for parts of cement and sand. In heavy concrete START Pitch can reduce a water consumption to 10%.

     - softeners of gidrofobizator. Vials of air reduce water penetration of concrete by 1,5-2 times. It in turn will increase corrosion firmness of fittings by 3-4 times.

     - frost-resistant additives. Vials of the involved air such small that moisture in them passes not into a firm phase (ice), and gel. Even if to saturate with water concrete and to freeze, then moisture on capillaries will pass into bubbles and there will not extend. The correct dosage of pitch of neytralizirovany airinvolving will hang for a while frost resistance on 300-500 cycles of freezing.

     - concrete economy. The correct dosage of START and SDO pitch will involve 3-5% of air. According to costs of prime cost of concrete will decrease by 2-3%, but at the same time the brand of concrete and frost resistance of concrete will increase. Concrete with use of the airinvolving additive will become easier in laying. 

SDO pitch is generally applied in polystyrene concrete, foam concrete, masonry solutions.

START pitch is used in heavy concrete – road concrete, concrete floors, hydrotechnical concrete (dams, bridges), concrete with antifrosty additives, cast concrete.


In Ukraine SDO Pitch is on sale in the liquid state. As a rule 10-50% of the dry rest.

START pitch as a rule 10% or 20% of the dry rest. 


START pitch is entered 0,15 – 0,5 percent from the mass of cement together with water.

SDO pitch 0,25 – 1,0 percent from the mass of cement together with water

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Additive for SDO polysterene concrete, CHB, SDO-L Pitch
Additive for SDO polysterene concrete, CHB, SDO-L Pitch
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