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ACORUS electric motor 100L6

ACORUS electric motor 100L6

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Technical characteristics
  • Wattage2,2 kW

ACORUS electric motor 100L6

Production: China

Conditional designation:

1. The ACORUS is a series of the electric motor ("And" - asynchronous, And - the unified series according to the standard (Intereletro) besides series HELL are possible, 4A, 5A, 6A (newest) by the joint-stock company it (is laid off)
2. 100 - it is an electric motor dimension (rotation axis height, distance between the center of a shaft of the electric motor and its basis, a bed)
3. L-the adjusting size on the bed length (stator package length)
4. 6 - number of couples of poles (parameter influences rotation speed, "6" - there corresponds 1000 exchange).
5. U3 is a climatic modification of the electric motor
6. IM1081 - executions of the electric motor, on paws

Technical characteristic of the ACORUS electric motor 100 L6

In standard execution: voltage is 380 V, frequency is 50 Hz.

* The mass of the electric motor, - 22.0 kg.
* Electric motor power, - 2,2 kW
* Frequency of rotation of the electric motor - 1000 rpm.
* cos φ the electric motor - 0,77
* Efficiency of the electric motor-73,0, %

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ACORUS electric motor 100L6
ACORUS electric motor 100L6
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