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Accessories for retractable gate

Accessories for retractable gate

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Accessories for retractable gate
If you decided to make gate the hands, you need accessories and accessories for retractable (movable gate). What accessories to buy? To what long to make console gate and also what rollers are necessary? — you will find all answers in this article.
First of all, it is necessary to understand what weight of the planned gate? Sushch estvut two look — to 400 kg and to 800 kg. If you plan gate home or on the dacha aperture up to 4 meters wide - safely buy a small console set to 400 kg and you should not take with a stock, the producer already made it for you. The accessories to 800 kg often are bought on the heavy forged gate or on industrial facilities where width of an aperture varies from 5 meters, and frequency use more than 100 cycles a day!
All console gate have so-called "counterbalance" or "tail part". The recommended length of "tail part" is equal half of width of an aperture, i.e. the total length of gate is 1,5 times more from carriageway width. For example if your width of the planned journey 3 meters that is long a console beam is necessary 3 meters * 1,5 = 4,5 meters if 3,5 meters * 1,5 = 5,25 meters if 4 meters * 1,5 = 6 meters if 5 * 1,5 = 7-7,5 meters. It should be noted that this indicator which is minimum recommended. Pay attention the more a counterbalance — the less load of rollers.
There are two types of the bearing rollers — polymeric and metal. Though polymer is a material of the future, we recommend metal rollers. There is an opinion that work at polymeric rollers of a collar more quietly, however it is wrong since rollers are in continuous contact with gate and cannot make a sound, advantage of metal rollers is the strengthened 301st bearing and durability in operation.
Unambiguously adjusting platforms are necessary. First they will facilitate installation of gate. Secondly you at any time can easily level, lift or lower gate. All gate shrink sooner or later.
We recommend the top catcher regulated on width with polymeric slips. Polymeric slips will not scratch your gate. And adjustment on width will most correctly adjust capture of gate thus that gate did not "shiver" from wind.
It is better to buy the lower catcher with polymeric slips. Polymeric slips will not scratch your gate.

Polymeric or metal. Naturally — metal. First metal — as material is stronger. Secondly the metal trailer roller on the bearing, it does not stick and does not freeze in the winter.

In addition we want to note that there is no sense to buy expensive import analogs since the qualitative Italian or German accessories are 3-4 times more expensive, and the Chinese accessories under brands of foreign brands at low price are delivered on our market not of appropriate quality.

You can request the scheme of preparation of an aperture, and also the drawing of gate free of charge from the manager upon purchase of accessories. We intentionally do not expose our drawings in the Internet on the general review since it is our long-term experience and our advantage before other online stores.

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Accessories for retractable gate
Accessories for retractable gate
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