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3D movie theater

3D movie theater

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48000 UAH
Ukraine, Krivoj rog
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The mini-hall on 60 viewers.

To open small 3D movie theater - the best decision for business of 2012.

The 3D Mini-hall on 60 viewers
The price is 48000 UAH. Action!!! +30 couples of points are in addition applied!!!

Requirements to the room.
3D video hall on 60 viewers: 7x14 m, height of polotok - 4 m.

The equipment for 3D movie theater on 60 viewers includes:

3D projectors of 2 pieces, 3D screen of 7х4 m (16:9), 3D movies, 3D server, 3D points of 65 pieces, sound system, necessary cords, fastenings, also assembly and 3D control of the equipment, technical support. We discuss chairs, a minibar, design and other parameters.
Our company carries out complex assembly and the 3D control of a video hall.

On the 3D FLAGERTY server you will already have various documentary 3D movies, clips, commercials, 3D photos, and also trailers to modern movies. All this the free 3D content which is not demanding existence of any copyright.

How to make the order.

For a start, we approve the specification in which the number of places, the screen size, etc. is described. Your 3D video of a set.
Then, if you came to the decision to buy our product, you come to us with requisites and we sign the contract, and we make out you the invoice for payment.
If you cannot arrive to us, we can make out you the invoice for payment and exchange originals of the contract at installation.
After receiving part of payment by us at the rate from 60%. we start production for you 3D video of a set. On readiness for shipment we tell you that 3D video the set is ready and you come to us to be convinced of readiness of a product and pay extra to an overall cost.
On arrival of the car we ship and we establish 3D video a set, accompanying a product of the consignment note and the invoice.

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3D movie theater
3D movie theater
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