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Canary seeds купить в Хмельнике
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Canary seeds

Canary seeds

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Canary seeds - genus of herbaceous plants of the family Poaceae. Types canary spread on all continents except Antarctica. They can grow in the mountains and on the plains, arid terrain and bogs

This type of grain - the perfect food for canaries. Some breeders and owners of their own canaries canary seed sown, providing a full feed their pets. Thus, each fan having a smallholding can cultivate this host plant to feed their canaries.

Canary is also used as green fodder, hay, silage, haylage, corn. The seeds are used in the production of cotton. Reception of cereals and flour. According to nutritional green mass and hay slightly higher than panic, corn, millet.

Valuable components when plated in admixture with annual legume crops as well as sunflower and mallow. On the pastures used to start heading for the hay harvested in earing phase silage - during flowering, the seed - in wax ripeness (separate process). According to the content of protein (16-I7% of dry matter) than many annual grasses. The green mass is eaten by sheep, cattle, and seeds are a valuable food for many species of birds.

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Canary seeds
Canary seeds
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