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Aibijini brassieres

Aibijini brassieres

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Китай, Урумчи
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  • Брендaibijini
  • Дизайн бюстгальтераКлассический
  • Страна производительКитай
  • Размер бюстгальтера90C
  • Цветred

Aibijini brassieres:

1. No rims. (no rims design, bid farewell to oppression and stabbed. Make mammary gland zero pressure zero bound, healthy fashion)

2. The formaldehyde - free. (make your skin away from formaldehyde)

3. Together. (make your breasts attractive)

4. Absorb sweat, breathable. (top fabric, super breathable, antibacterial except taste)

5. No empty cup.

6. Cup does not shift. (strengthen the massage non - slip design, around three way prevent slippery, let the cup won't run up and down)

7. To prevent external expansion, sagging, furl vice milk.

8. Soft and comfortable. (on the cup, BoMo cup; In huizhou, give the skin the comfortable close skin experience)

9. Good elasticity, arbitrary twist deformation cars only.

10. Increase the cups, small breasts fusion.

11. Gather underwear, long wear fixed free of fat, improve the chest.

12. Have a massage, promote blood circulation.

13. The most important is also can prevent and improve mammary gland hyperplasia and breast cancer, and you can wear all the year round!

14. The fabric: 15% nylon 85% spandex.

In post: 15% nylon, 85% spandex (breathe freely, absorb sweat, strong antimicrobial properties).

15.3 D memory cotton. (BUR can remember you)

Chest: a thin thickness, after four double - breasted, non constriction, non - slip wide straps without pressure!



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Aibijini brassieres
Aibijini brassieres
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