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Agricultural Mulching film

Agricultural Mulching film

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  • ЦветПрозрачный
  • Плотность1.25 г/см³
  • Thickness(mm)0.018
  • Width(mm)1500

Mulch Film

The special material for bio - degradable mulch film is 100% fully biodegradable, 100% compostable, and is degraded into water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms under industrial composting conditions.

No heavy metals, no harmful substances, non - toxic and harmless to the soil;

The color, transparency, and degradation cycle of the special material for biodegradable mulch film can be adjusted;

It has excellent physical properties and can be applied to machine laying. It can be processed and produced by ordinary high - pressure PE film blowing machine without adjusting the screw and other cooling and traction facilities.

The special material for biodegradable mulch can meet the EU EN13432 and ASTM D6400 biodegradability standards.

Film products made of bio - degradable mulch film materials can be printed in solvent or non - solvent without corona treatment. It also has good colorability, and the color masterbatch based on biodegradable raw materials can also be well dispersed in the material.

Store in a dry and normal temperature environment. If the package is not opened and damp, it can have a shelf life of more than 6 months.

The special materials for biodegradable mulch film are incompatible with traditional polyolefins such as PE, PP, PO and other materials and cannot be blended. It should be stored separately from these materials during production and processing

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Agricultural Mulching film
Agricultural Mulching film
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